Saturday, January 29, 2011

Yes I will be returning

I will be returning to the Blog World, but right now it is after midnight and I am to tired to post. I would ramble about nothing. Need to get back into the hang of this. So tomorrow will be the first day of many blogs to come. Have a great night, until tomorrow.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday and happy to see you

Next few weekends will be so busy. This weekend will be prep work to get Cody back home, next weekend will be Cody coming home, and then the following weekend I am heading to Georgia.

Yep, Cody is moving back next week. Instead of moving to a different home down there when his lease is up, he is moving back to Tampa. Oscar will be so happy. Well, I am beyond happy, and I am sure my mom is over the moon happy. I will be switching to the smaller room, and he will have my room. So, I need to switch his stuff to mine and mine to his. That is going to be a chore! It is something I have been putting off and now it has come to the moment of do or die. Then the following weekend I will move him back. And yes that means one more Yoders trip.

Georgia is to see the boys and school shopping time. Georgia is not doing a tax free weekend - darn them. And ours is the weekend after I am going. Coupons better be my friend! Usually they are. They start school that Friday, so one day they will have old clothes.

oops I am otta here

Monday, July 19, 2010

A little over 2 weeks his time

I should either stop blogging completely or start blogging more like I should. Naturally I have lots to say. I always do. Just so much to do and so little time. I am always on the go. Not enough time in the day. I am at lunch right now, came back a little early so I could at least blog a very quick post. But naturally got side tracked and now lunch is over. So, I will just have to blog later tonight or tomorrow. More than likrly it will be tomorrow. As I get off work and will be stopping by Kips to drop things off to her. Then head to Dunedin where I have laundy awaiting me. And before I know it - bed time again. Just to start the day all over again with no time for anything.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No excuse just busy

Time just gets away from me like crazy. One day turns into a week.
I am at work on a conference call so I thought I would say hello. But now have to get busy. Missed 2 days of work sick - 2 days weekend - 2 days vacation, so lots behind on even though I did do some work from home. Was supposed to have gone camping Sunday to Tuesday at Ft DeSoto. Went out there on Monday, and only lasted about 2 hours. Spent the rest of the day in bed, and most of yesterday too. And yet today I had to drag myself out of bed. Thank goodness the day is almost over

Sunday, June 13, 2010

quick post just to post

Opps missed yesterday so I did not want to miss today. Not in too good of a mood. Friends are in Utah or on their way to Utah - I should be there but was not able to swing it. Staying at Kips and watching the boys as she is going. She will have a blast for the both of us. Got a ton of scrap stuff with me to work on some 4th of July cards. Had some almost done but can not find them so I will be starting over. Also decided will lay out in th epool after work this week as I am caspers cousin. I am Greek, I should not be this white! Now I just hope the sun helps me out and will be out when I get off work each day. Just remembered I will be at HROC for a class tomorrow afternoon. That is great I will get to see people, but will have to come right back after the class can not stay and linger and visit. Well, if they have it. They already rescheduled once lets see if they do again!

Oh well will close for now lots to still do in a few hours that I have until I go to Kips

Friday, June 11, 2010

Georgia Day 2 post

Thought I would post what happened on day 2 of Geogia, and my second day in a row posting. See trying to get better.

Morning started off where Brad and I drove to Albany with the boys to the movies. We saw Iron Man 2. Shocker I had not seen it yet, and neither had they. But poor Brad had not even seen Iron Man 1. We were going to watch it Friday night, but did not get around to it. It was really good actually. Usually 2nd movies are never as good, this one was. Made it back to to Jennifers in time to get ready for teh party, however it was raining out and his party was going to be at the YMCA. And outside pool party. The Y is wonderful, they moved the party under shelter at the "Airnasuam". It stopped raining and so the party was under way. The swimming was slightly delayed as they were makeing sur ethe weather was ok. Once we got the all clear we moved the party to the pool area where it was supposed to be held. Since we were delayed they let us stay at the pool longer than what was allotted for our party. Hr had a nice showing of family and friends. Joshes mother, father, grandmother and even his brother showed up. Then there were cousins and other friends. Mrs Marsha from church came so I was able to see her. After the party Brad and I stopped at the store and picked up some dinner for Josh to cook on the grill. Yep, Grill Master Brad allowed someone else to cook on the grill. But then again it was Joshes grill and I told him, Josh can cook yummy on the grill! Now, on the ride home Brad did say that he could not wait for them to come back to FL so he could cook for them on the grill!

Oh, I realized the last time I was in Georgia was in December and at that time I was 40 pounds heavier. So, everyone was shocked when they saw me. Josh's dad had to be told who I was. He has seen me about 7 or 8 times before so he knew me. One person that I wanted to see me did not get to see me. But that is perfectly fine with me. There is always the October trip where maybe I will get back on track and loose more by then? I am kind of at a stand still. I have not gained but I also have not ost anymore weight. I am staying at 80pounds lost. Which is very perfectly happy with me. I do have more that I could loose and would love to loose - but then again I weigh less than I have since I was married. And that was back in 1986. I have stopped going to the doctor as I do not have the money to continue. I will just now have to do it on my own. The diet doctor helped jusmp start the weight loss. Now it is up to me to continue it.

Ok, back to work reports are done. Some of the girls are already in route to Utah. Brad said I looked down last night. And we figured out that it is because I am sad that I am not going to Utah. It is effecting me, and I am trying not to let it - but there is no way around it. I know it will be an extramly fun trip. Between all the sites and things to do to the classes, But most of all th eladies that will be going. Never a dull moment with them. You can just be sitting there doing nothing and it will be a "pee your panties" moment with them cause you will have so many good laughs! I really wish I was going. But was not in the cards for me. Oh, yeah I have my car back. it was almost $300.00 in labor alone. We had the parts so they did not have to over charge me on them. Would have been over 500.00 if I did not supply the parts. Another push back for me! Oh well, all part of life and can not let it pull you down. Have a great day and look forward to the weekend. Few more hours and mine will begin.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stop being a slacker

Time is getting the best of me. So much going on, other things are getting in the way. Just realized I have not blogged since May - almost 2 weeks. That stops today. Lets see how long that lasts. I just have to put my foot down and get time back to work with me instead of against me. I have no one to blame but myself. I can not continue letting time get the best of me.

This past weekend was the Georgia trip for Gavin's birthday party. Brad took Friday off with me and off we went to Georgia. Oh, funny thing he said.... when packing for the trip he asked "do we need the garmen (direction thing in the car). Uhm, very sweet to think and ask, but no honey I have been there many times, I know how to get to all the places we need to go - including backroads off the highway! I know the boys school, the wonderful church they attend, the YMCA, how to get to Albany to the mall and movies etc - and lets not forget Wal-Mart. Anyways, We had every ntention of going to Wild Adventures in Valdosta on Friday, but we kind of go a very later than planned start. And it looked really ruff when we were in the area, so we did not stop. We are going back in October and in December so we will go then. Besides Oct will have the Halloween stuff like Halloween Horror Nights, and December will have the Christmas like Mickeys Christmas. I was able to score a buy a day and go back all year for free. Even if we go just 3 times hat will more than pay for itself. Cause it was also discounted on top of that. And then it comes with discount admission to a few other places. Ok, back on we went ahead and drove onto Tifton and got there when we were already able to check in. We stayed at a hotel instead of the house. When we went to check in the front desk person says "oh your staying 2 nights, you really need a room with a microwave and a fridge". So, she put us in what they concider a suite for no extra charge, since she changed our room. Very nice and very cheap, we were happy. Bad thing was it is right behind Zaxybes. My favorite place to eat when I am there. The last 2 times I was there I did not eat anything as it was when I was just starting the diet. Since it was after lunch time and we had not eatten anything yet he asked if I wanted to eat there. Told him not to tease me! Well, guess what we ate there. And they did the food perfect and it was so mouth watering yummy. He was good and had their Salad. Thought it was neat that they serve it on regular plates not paper or plastic plates. I was bad and had their wings and fries, but I did not get their sweet tea or eat the bread and dipping sauce they have. Sacrifices had to be made a little lol.

After lunch we head over to Jennifers. They were not there just yet, but she left a key for us. When they got there, my mom was in the kitchen and I went towards the door to greet them. There is nothing better then seeing their faces light up and come up with smiles and give hugs. My mom was on the phone with Jennifer, she said she could tell when Jennifer drove up as they all started yelling "Shell's here, Shell's here". I told them Brad was in the kichen and they said oh cool - and went in and said hello to him. Mom and Jennifer were both wondering how they would take to him on this trip. This is in their home turf - and Auntie Shell was not alone like she has been all their life (pathic I know). well, they were just the way I expected, accepting! Dylan went to eat a snack and offered it to Brad, but it was something he could not have, so he offered him strawberries. How sweet is that? And when we went to leave I went in to give hugs goodnight, Brad came to the door and said goodnight, both the boys said - we need hugs niight and told him they loved him. They are just too sweet for words. And yes, once again it is thanks to their wonderful upbringing and amazing mother and father hat they have!

Wrote enough for now, better end this if your still reading lol. Will post day two tomorrow! Have a great day, make the most of it!

Friday, May 28, 2010

It is a wonderful Friday

Just have to make it thru the day at work and then it is the weekend. Not just any weekend, but a 3 day weekend. And thanks to Jennifer's perfect timing of having Gavin... I am only working 3 days next week and then I will will be off for another 3 day weekend. Brad and I will be on the road to Georgia. I am looking forward to next weekend more than this one. I am still happiest when I am with those 3 little men. They are just the most amazing little men in the world. Yes I am a little bias, since they are my nephews - but if you ever had the pleasure to meet them - you would agree with me! Jennifer has done wonders in rasing them. The love she has for them just shines thru in them. Yes, they are boys and act up - but hello they are human. And they mainly act up when no one is around, just to push her buttons! They test her, but she prevails. It is actually not them testing her, it is someone alot higher testing her... and she passes the test each and everytime. She should never doubt herself as a mom, and yet she does? Just love that girl more and more!

Speaking of love.... yep it is gush over Brad time again. Today is our "technically" 2 month anniversary. I am sure I have said it before maybe even 2 times before... I do not concider all the times I came over to his house as us dating. I concider it us still getting to know each other, and just friends hanging out. We decided the first time we actually went out to eat somewhere - not him cooking for me as our first offical date. So, even though it now seems like we are moving fast, we really are not... technically. And besides that, some people are married in less time than this. So, me having some clothes here and sort of living here, is not too fast. And yep, this weekend he is adding a shelf to his closet so I can move more work clothes here. Right now I do have enough for 1 week of work, but that is not really "options" in what to wear to work. So, we will taking the one bar out - moving it up and then moving another bar in. So he will have the whole top bar and I will have the lower bar. He is also doing that in the spare bedroom closet so he will have one row for his work clothes (he has uniforms) and then we will have one row for winter jackets and a few of my sweaters. Oh, and he bought a small thing that has 5 hooks on it, so that I can bring some of my necklaces over and hang them on it. I chose that option instead of another jewerly box - alot cheaper of an option.

What is on the agenda for your weekend? Lets see for us... tonight we are going out to eat with a friend of Brad's that he has known since grade school. He wants to meet me, and I guess give his seal of approval? Tomorrow Brad will be a busy boy... we will go over to my moms house and I will do a little more yard work (trees and stuff) while he looks into fixing the front porch lighting for her. And maybe a few other things. Time permitting Saturday, he will change the oil in my car, check to see what all else is needing fixing on my car to get it ready for Georgia next weekend. Yes, not only does he cook, a handy man - Mr Fix It, but works on cars too! Sunday he will have a small cook out where both Moms will come over. Steve (his brother) will have his kids this weekend, so they will be here too. And then Monday, we will be going to a cookout with Brad's friend and a guy from the class that just ended. So, I get to meet more of Brad's friends. Somewhere in there I need to work in some more time for some other things too. Busy little bee, my friend Char says I am never in one place long and I am starting to believe it. Sounds like it when I type this out.

Ok - I am rambling so I better close. Have a great day! And a even better weekend!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday again?

And it is almost over. One great thing is that this weekend is a 3 day weekend. Now I am "on call" all week and it ends Monday morning, so no going out of town fo rthe weekend for me. But that is ok as I will work Tuesday to Thursday and then another 3 day weekend. The first weekend of June is Gavin's Birthday Party weekend. Brad and I will head up to Georgia Friday morning, stop off at Wild Adventures in Valdosta to atleast get our passes (will be a tad too hot to stay very long) taken care of for when we go back in Octiber and December. This Georgia trip should prove interesting to say the least! He has already been very pre-warned, and I think he is "in too deep" to cut ties ones we come home from Georgia.

Oh 6pm...I am cutting ties to get out of here. Yep, Dunedin here I come lol

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Time flies when your having the time of your life

Where is time going? I have no clue. The days are just flying bye bye bye. All my time has been lost since I changed over to the St Pete office. And to add to the mix staying at Kip's and staying at Brads - it is just alot of time lost. But for good things. I am so behind on everything, and I need to get my groove back and get time back into the picture.

You know that saying "All good things come to those who wait"? I guess since I have waited all my life to find true love and happiness, I hit the jackpot! I know your saying "yeah right". But so very true, this guy is unbelievable! I have yet to find a bad fault. I guess it would be that he never really watches TV. But come on, that is not a bad vice. He is just so amazing!

So far all the little things that have shocked and amazed me that he has done..
1) Shopping at JoAnn's (more than once)
2) Sat with me while my mom got her hair cut
3) Drove to Kip's after a long yucky day at work, and cooked dinner for me to make sure I took medicine that needed to be "taken with food". And stayed a little while while I started to feel better.
4) Cooks awesome on the grill
5) Gave me 2 drawers in his dresser for my clothes so I did not need to "transport clothes". Did not feel that was enough for me so he moved a 5 drawer dresser from the spare bedroom into his bedroom - so now I have 5.
6) Made Mother's Day the best one I have ever had, bought something for my mom and I! My ex-father of my son never did that!

There are so many other things.... but most of all...
Accepts me for who I am.
"Loves me more and more each day"
Thinks I am beautiful, and tells me.
His family loves me

Ok, making myself sick now too lol. Guess I need to get back to work. Have a great day. And lests see about Greys tonight!

Friday, May 14, 2010


I am so bad. Between 3 homes I am so busy. Goal setting right now. Have to blog everyday! Even if it is 15 mins. That will help my posts to be short!

I am at Kip's watching the boys, Brad came over tonight. Hw will stay tonight, but told him since I had to work early on Sunday he does not need to stay Saturday night. He has 1 more week of class on Saturdays and then I will have him all the time. In a few weeks we will be going to Georgia for Gavins party. I am so glad he is going with me. Mothers day was awesome. Lots to get caught up on. So, I will just type this for now and then tomorrow I will blog about Mothers day.

Have a great night!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Almost May

Figured I would post a quick one before May is here. I need to get back on th eband wagon of blogging. I have just been so busy. Work has its ups and downs, but isnt that with all jobs? I like it a lot more now. Still dividing my time between my house and Kips, and now I have a house in Dunedin that I am adding time at. I love staying at Kips - how can you not? Between Kip and the boys - I am on cloud 9 every time I am there. Almost pool time, hope to start getting some sun since I am Casper's cousin right now. Kip, Linda, and Jill will be Cruising so I will be house sitting - maybe some sun after work? I work 9-6 all this week, but the sun is hot and bright that late anyways. I should get an hour in a night?

Yes it is official I have a boyfriend. And he amazes me more and more each day. He broke thru my walls and I broke through his, and it just keeps getting harder and harder being apart. He is just too good to be true. I usually get mean yucky horrible men in my life... he more than makes up for all that I had to deal with before I finally found him. Do not plan on letting him get away anytime soon. I could go on and on about him, but I do not want to make you sick lol

Guess I better get packing. Need to pack for this weekend, and all next week. I will come home to change out for a few items during the following weekend. Lots more to tell you. But I guess I will save that so I will type more later.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Monday after a great weekend

So, as always the weekend came and went. It was a great weekend very sorry to see it go. Now, it is Monday and it will not be a fun few days. I will just think about this past weekend and I will get past the hectic things. Need to get ready for work, so I will blog later about my weekend. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Deleting old posts

Thought I would delete the whole thing, but gave up. Will start over fresh and new and blog more. But for now I just got home and have tons to do, and no time to do it in. Have a great nite!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

So I am a Blog Slacker

I changed my blog and thought I would blog more. And yet here I have not blogged since Georgia. There is so much stuff going on in my life right now. And that is when there is stuff to blog about. I guess I need to do a little each day so I do not ramble, and you do not finish reading my blog. I will try to make each day short - well my definition of short is still long by most.

Georgia: Georgia was great! Always love visiting with Jennifer and her family. There were a few bumps in the road in the visit, but minor compared to the all round picture. I do not think Cody will go back for awhile, and that is perfectly fine by me. My sister, well she was my sister. I did have a nice visit with her when I was shopping at her work (Goodwill). I will post more on GA later.

Work: Well, I was told yesterday morning that the move to the Carillon office will be this Friday and I report there on Monday. I was told I had to have my work belongings packed up by 1pm on Friday. They said I am to bring over my current laptop and duel monitors. I am so excited about that, as they do not have duel monitors at the office over there. Now they better let me keep mine. My current supervisor does not have 2. I am going to borrow IT's label maker and put my names on them so they will be sure to make it to my desk. Now, late in the after noon I was told that it may still get changed to the following week. Two Directors are butting to keep me there longer and one to get me over there ASAP. Let's see who wins! My money is to report this Monday! I have come to terms with the change, I am sure it will present itself with many opportunities that I do not have here. I will not be passed over, and I will not be under a supervisor that takes credit for my work. I will have an AWESOME supervisor there. And that makes the world of difference. It was getting to the point where I did not want to go to work. Well, at least I did not want to be at my desk. And since my "nooner" has said we are just friends and "I do not want to date anyone from work", I can move on from that too.Actually was not going to eat lunch with him this week to start the break off of lunch, and Monday he was at my desk..."11:30 right"! I said I was not sure since I had so much work to do, he said he would have the IT guy shut down my access so I would have to have lunch. But, now the IT guy sits 2 desks away from me...he knows me...he knows he does not want to make me I do not think "nooner" would win that one! Yes, I did go to lunch!

OK, now I need to get ready for my weigh in.I know I did not fair to well, as I have not been exercising or drinking my water correctly. Or, eating 3 meals as I should. I missed meals and that is a no no! And I have another odd stacked against me this week! Next week I will have to shift back to afternoon appointments. They said I could still go to my appointments. Well, they better let me! I am no where near where I want to be. I am only almost halfway to my goal I set, so..they better. Too many people get FMLA at work bogus, well if I have to get FMLA I darn sure will!

Wish I was in Tarpon Springs today for the Epiphany Celebration! Instead I will just have to watch it at my desk. Have a great day, and try to stay warm. Not succeeding here!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Been so busy I have not blogged

There is a lot to tell, but have been so busy I have not had tome to blog. I will blog some tomorrow. Just used up my time changing my blog that now it is late and I am tired. Thought I would change my layout since the holidays are coming to a close.

As, you know by now I have made it to Georgia. Cody and I left the house about 5am when I wanted to leave at 4am. Wanted to make a couple of stops along the way since it was the day after Christmas and I knew there would be sales to be had. I only stopped at Target since Hobby Lobby did not open until 9am and we were there at 8am. But I did stop at HL in Valdosta. They did not have the Stocking I saw the last time I was there. I knew when I saw it I should have bought it. It was perfect for my stocking pal, but no dummy me passed on it. Did get wrapping paper for my pal's presents. And some more for myself. I was out this year. I usually buy way too much and it lasts a few years, well this happened to be the year to buy.

Made it to Georgia before the fun began! Josh, Tyler, and Aurel were at the store buying steaks as Aurel wanted to treat everyone to a steak dinner. Josh cooked them on the grill and they were yummy. We were supposed to have pictures done, but the weather and mood was altered so only mock ones were done ( I will post a few of those later too). I did not get pictures with everyone that I wanted, and I still did not get any with Cody. Last one of us that I have is about 3 or 4 years old? Some pictures came out really great, and some are least to be desired. Emma tends to like having her picture taken only when she wants it done. It has to be on her terms or not at all. Bradley hams it up for the camera. He wanted a picture with me so I have one, well little miss Emma was not having nope no picture with her. She bearly even talked to me, but Bradley kept hanging on me coming to me and was just a sweet little thing! Aurel and Andrew had to head back to Ohio and be to work on Sunday. They left late, made it in time to get there just before a Blizzard kicked in. Sunday was a lazy day, as Jennifer had to work on Monday.

Well, will catch up more tomorrow. Think I will call it a night, I have not been sleeping too well so I will grab all that I can get. Nite all...until tomorrow.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Back already

Wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas first off! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas shared with your loved ones. I have my mom and my son Cody here with me. Well, now Cody has to go spend time with his sperm donor and his family later today. When he comes home he usually always walks in and gives me a long hug! My Christmas wish.(since I really should not wish body harm)..... is that today his sperm donor will actually be a dad. And not put him down, or give hm a hard time about things. Since I usually do not get my wishes or dreams, I know this will not happen. One can still dream!

So, I have not really cooked in....oh I have no clue the last time I have actually cooked a meal (besides eggs for breakfast lately) and for some unknown reason, I decided today of all days that I would cook Christmas "brunch". Since I am eating healthy I am fixing a different take on Christmas. I am attempting to cook a boneless leg of Lamb, but found a marinade on line that sounded good and different. Steamed artichoke, a different take on asparagus (if I can find that recipe again), sweet potatoes for Cody and my mom. Oh, I did buy stuffing and green bean casserole for them as well. And I surprised my mom, she thought I ran back to Publix for a Apple or Pumpkin pie or Strawberry Rhubarb pie (her other favorite) instead I came home with a mincemeat pie. That I believe is her all time favorite pie. Did not really do gifts, so that was her gift for now. Cody does not remember having tried it yet, I think he has...but he is game. That is one of the many reasons I love him! He is always game to try new things, and he always has even as a child. All of the add ons that I will be cooking today he will eat, but just for them I had to throw in some traditional things. Wish me luck on my cooking, maybe I can channel some of Linda's cooking mojo...but then again this is healthy eating so I do not know if it will come through to me. Hey maybe Miss Elle's? lol Trust me Linda, I would much rather have eaten at your house yesterday. And especially a glass of sweet tea!

Man, I wish I was in Georgia today watching the little boys open their presents. Have like a video conferencing since I could not be there? I love to see their face light up when they open things. And they are so thankful for everything, even socks or undies! I will be going up there tomorrow for a week. Jennifer has to work and I offered to babysit. Cody has not been up there in awhile, so he is going with me as well. I do not think Jennifer told the boys, forgot to ask her to keep it as a surprise. A delayed Christmas gift! Only bad thing for me, when ever he goes, I am second fiddle with Gavin. Those two are like two peas in a pod! They look and act so much alike it is not funny. Gavin does still spend some time with me, but his buddy COOODEEE will be all there is lol.

Ok, off to see how to cook the Lamb. will let you know how it went.

Merry Christmas

Stopping in to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. Will blog later. But first posting a picture I found on the web. But actually a few years ago Cody, Mom, my Aunt Mary, and I was standing right there seeing that very same scene at Christmas time. Breath taking. So, this picture brings back great memories and wishing I was there again.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thought I better Blog before it is Wednesday again

Thought I better Blog before it is Wednesday again. I have been a little down so I have not blogged. Had a very busy great weekend, but missed time to blog. Just when I was in the mood to blog again, I got hit by a Mack truck again. But you know, such is life, and It is what is is. So pick up my boot straps and march forward.

Back up a little...
Saturday: I went to Seminole (no not Hard Rock Jill and GA) Florida. I have a friend Karen that lives over there. Her kids just adore me for some reason, and they beg me to come visit all the time. I try to get over there as much as I can. But this time, I did go and I was Santa's little helper for Karen. Her children come first (as it should be) and so Karen has neglected herself. She could not remember the last time she bought clothes for herself. Well, between clothes from me, a few things from Kip, and many things from Jackie she now has new clothes that will last her a very long time. She was speechless and so thankful (thank you so much Kip and Jackie). She was already planning her Christmas outfit for Church and her outfits for the next month at Church before I stopped her. I told her she needed to throw all of her clothes away and start wearing the new items.

Sunday: I have a good friend at work that is dieting at work as well. He has lost 84 pounds since September 1st. Well, he was supposed to take me to lunch for my Birthday - since he started the diet 4 days before that fell through. Instead the other day, I told him he could cook lunch or dinner for me. So, off to Dunedin I went. Got there about 9:30am and we went over to Sams, he needed a few things and I wanted to get a few things. Got back to his house and he cut up my meat for me, packaged it up in one of those fresh sealer things, and even marinated a few things for me. Pretty much was showing me what he does to prep his food. While there his mom and nephew came over for a few minuets - very nice lady. She knew who I was and was just too funny. Last week he and his counter part was talking about steak and they asked me if I was a steak person. Well, hello do I look like I am not? Well yes I am! Love steak when cooked right. Yep, you guessed it he cooked me a steak on the grill and it was YUMMY! He has his brothers Great Dane at his house right now, the Moose is 6 months old and his head came to my chest! Smart boy too! I had my hands in my pocket and he was pulling on my sweater to get them out of my pocket to love on him! Al he had to do was lift his head upwards and he could give me kisses right on the mouth. Yes, I got many of those from him - just the dog not the other him. Visited a little while longer, and left about 4:30. On the way home I stopped at Goodwill and bought a couple pairs of shoes. Yep, I am becoming a shore whore. And yes I am wearing them. Not just one pair for 9 months everyday. After that since I decided that our kitchen utensils are way outdated and yucky (except for the wonderful ones I got from Jill for Christmas last year) I decided to stop at Ikea! Yes, I bought some new and improved items. There was a few other things I really wanted to get but funds said not now must wait. Got home and went to town cleaning out the kitchen. Did not finish all of it, only because I ran out of room in the 2 garbage bins that we have outside. Today is trash day, so tonight the rest of the kitchen will get done.

Monday: Lets see if I can get through this without crying again. So, I was informed I had to go to lunch with my Director. Got outside and my supervisor and his supervisor was there to go as well. Had a very nice lunch at Longhorn (yummy grilled Salmon) after lunch the real reason came out as to why we were there. Seems that the Billing Department is merging and it will not be handled Regionally anymore come January. This means that everyone that is in the different Billing Departments over the other regions all have to relocate to the Division Billing Office which is over in St Pete. It was very hard to hold it in while I was there, I rode with them so I still had to hold it. But once back at the office I lot it! Alexis did not attend the lunch with us, I was told I could not say anything to her. She is "in Billing" but she is not a Billing Person. That means she is not going to Division. I could not face her, so they had to tell her before I came back up. Her job is up in the air at this moment as the next thing will be the House adds to merge which is what she does. But how that plays out is not known. So, in the next few months she may still do them or she may have a different position. Now, I know I should be extreamly thankful that I still have a job...but I do not want to go there! I have been where I am with the people I work with for 13 years. I have formed some close friendships. They help me want to go to work. I will continue to see them after I move over, not as much as I would like, but I will still see them. I will not have my "nooner" lunch partner that I have had every day since September 1st. One great thing is that I know all of the people I will be working with and I like them. That is great, so I am not going over there not knowing anyone. I also know about 20-30 people that work in that building as well. So, I do already have people I can talk to and not feel like a outsider. In time I will make new friends so it will not be so bad. I have to do what I have to do. And I still have a job so that is the best thing! Now, I was told not to say anything until it is announced to the others under the Business Ops umbrella. Naturally I did tell my close friends that I know will not say anything. I wanted them to hear it from me before they heard it through the grapevine. Things spread like wild fire there once heard. Especially when it consists of major work changes, and this is one of them. Hard to stop crying when they cried!

Ok, made it until now, and now I have tears. Since this is extreamly long and I should have left for work 15 mins ago - and I am not even dressed...guess I better get off of here. Darn I think I will be late to work today. Since I have never been late in 13 years there....I think I can be now! I still will have my perfect attendance as long as I make it until Thursday.

Have a great day everyone. I know I will some way or another. Thank you all that have sent me emails and have called. Your words of encouragement have helped me alot. Ok more tear...BYE

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

It is Friday..and I am so excited

Come on 4:30pm! The only thing that could make today better is if it was also pay day. Actually this morning was Pay Day in a different way. Both yesterday and today, I guess people are noticing that I am loosing weight. Yesterday, I had many compliments on the clothes, make-up, hair, and just all round look. Yes, I have started wearing make-up to work again. Between Victoria Secret, make up, new clothes, and weight loss it is helping me want to come to work again. It was getting to the point where I just do dnot want to come to work, and I was hating being here. even text message cancell guy would not stop staring and smiling. I was talking to him, and at least 3 times he would just say 'you look good" and the 3rd time he said "you look reallly good". Sorry, BUD...text message cancel date does not get you another one just by repeating over and over how good I look! Also, the other day I caught "nooner" looking me up and down, but has not said anything. I was talking to him, someone called my name so I looked away, when I looked back, I caught his eyes scanning. He say he was busted and he just looked away! It was too funny.

I am loving me some Victoria Secret right now! Ok, I have always been wanting to wear Victoria Secret. I have bought their lotions and perfumes in the past, but there under garments was out of my grasp. Well, I now can fit into their bras. I was buying some up. While I was buying them they give you a card that will have 10, 20, 50, 100, or 500 off your purchase and after December 1st you can reseem them. I earned 3 of them. Well, I had time to kill before the movies last night and had to go to JCPenney to pick up 2 sweaters I ordered. So, off to VS I went! I had a feeling they would all be 10.00, but that was fine as they had lotion sets for 15.00. I bought 2 using my cards. Since she was allowing me to do more than one transaction in the same day, I was digging thru my purse for the other 2. Oh, I also had a 10.00 GC and used that. I found the cards, and she told me before I went back and shopped she would scan them for me. The first one she scanned was another 10.00....but the secone one was $50.00! YES the big 5-0! I was beyond happy! So, now it was decide what to get. I was going to get one of their really nice expensive bras, but decided I did not need it. Then I saw some panties that was 5 for 25. Yep, 10 pairs of panties free - well had to pay tax - was alot better deal than 1 bra! So, when all was said and done I bought with all my gift cards: 1 multipack of lotions, 1 multipack of matching boy spray, 1 multipack mini set of there perfume collection, and 10 pairs of panties and my total was 31.65! Not bad at all! Think I might go back and get another of the perfumes multi set for my neice for Christmas. Still have a few family gifts I need to get. And the exciting thing is, I still thought I would have to wait to wear the panties a little while longer....nope can do now! Ok, enogh saying panties...Jennifer hates that word lol.

I am so excited about tomorrows Stocking Exchange. well, both excited and nervious at the same time. I just hope my pal likes what I got her. I do not want to disappoint her. I know she will, but still that is just me. Here I am dieting, and yet I sign up to bring Wright's gormet Cake and a few cupcakes. See, a few of the people do not live here, and they do not know what they are missing. So, I got the cake, and a few cupakes so they can try the different flavors. I can not have any, I am sure I cold have just a bite, but I am not sure if I could do that. I have been standing strong and not eating things I should not eat. There will be a few things I can eat tomorrow, so all will be good. Might cut my calories during the day, so I will have a few extra for the party.

Well, it is that time again where I need to get busy and work. Will blog later. OMG one of my friends Joan that I talk to alot here at work and we go to the movies, well she just walked up and she is in Green. Guess what.....yep I am in Green too! No we did not plan this and I am sure people will think we did!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Weekend is coming to a close

This was a fast weekend. It is already Sunday night, which means I will be heading back to Tampa tomorrow morning. This weekend was just too fast, but I will be heading back this way in 3 weeks and I will stay for a week. I have the last week of work off, so I will come up and watch the boys since they are out of school. Jennifer will just have one week to figure out what to do with the boys. Making plans as to how we will spend our time already. Video games, board games, and movies are just a few of the items.

The party yesterday was good. It was sad that none of Dylans friends from school came. There was just family there. He got lots of presents and gift cards so he was very happy. I did get to walk the track, even though I thought my nose was going to fall off. I walked one time around, and then Emily and Abby asked if they could walk with me. They are Josh's cousins little girls. Such sweet little things! Emily has the same birthday as Cody, so I can not forget that. They walked 2 laps with me, so I did the one mile. Emily stopped, but Abby walked one more lap with her mom (who joined us on the second lap around). Lily was there looking as adorable as ever she had the cutest Green Peacoat on and the cutest little cap. Bradly (my neice Ashly's little boy) was just staring at her. I mean borderline stalking staring! One time when she turned her boack on him, he looked her up and down. We were cracking up at him staring at her. We had to finally distract him to get him away from her, it was getting a little freaky. There was qa parade and thing downtown, but the parade started before we got done cleaning up the place we had the party. Maybe one time we will make it.

Gonna leave in the morning when the boys leave for teh bus. I have to be home to take my mom to the Doctor for Blood work. Seems the other day when she was having issues walking it was because she had Gout. It was working into her other foot, so luckily she had the appointment. It went away, but then her knee started hurting. She was using the computer chair to get around since I was not there.

Ok, going to go eat diner, going to have a venison burger. Yesterday morning I had venison sasuage for breakfast. I love venison! Hope everyone has a gret Sunday night. Yep, I am still very cold! It says it is 52 but I have not defrosted so I am still frozen.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Party Day!

Today is Dylan's 8th Birthday party. Should prove to be very interesting. Will blog laster about the party. But for now, the drive up to Georgia was fun to say the least! I got a later than planned start. Tried to get windshield wipers replaced, had to go to 2 stores before I got them replaced. If I had a different car I could have had them at stop number 1. I stopped off at Hobby Lobby looking for 3 certain items and they had none. Next stop was Kohls as they have Tony Hawk shoes that Tyler wanted for Christmas. I missed out on a pair on Ebay, but there they had some on clearance and I had a coupon to add. Well, 3 pairs later for him (2 Tony Hawk and 1 Vans) I only spent 7 dollars more for the 3 pairs than I would have for teh one on line. I also picked up a pair of cute sketchers for Emma. I did not need to, but did anyways..went over to the Kitchen area. They had select Rachel Ray items half off. I bought an awesome Knife set that was 75.00 for 30.00. By the time I bought that and a couple other things I ended up spending 102.00 but saved 198.00! Great deal could not pass up.

Well, party starts in about 30 mins, guess I better get the kids up there. Back later. Have a great day, stay warm.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Almost Georgia time

But first these breaking messages (lol). So, Wednesday was Diet doctor day. I was very excited for the out come...4.2 pounds lost! That brings the total to 27 pounds. My goal for next week is 3 pounds so I will reach the 30 pound mark. So, I have my work cut out for me since I will be in Georgia and I will not be on a set schedule. I have to be careful. I will walk on the track to help. Fingers crossed.

I took today off from work to take my mom to the doctor. Seems that she was having an issue the last few days with walking. More so than normal, it hurts her just to stand up. Come to find out she has Gout. It was in one foot, and was about to start on the other foot. Got her medicine, so hopefully she will get better really soon.

Almost all packed for Georgia. I will be leaving in the morning. Going to make a couple of stops along the way. Jennifer loves to wrap, so I am going to let her wrap the presents for my Stocking Pal. She does such a wonderful job wrapping. I can not even cut a straight line. Yes, I am a scrapper and I can not cut a straight line. Saturday is Dylans birthday party. Jennifer informed me that not one single friend from school RSVP'd. There are alot of other things going on in town that day, so it does not look like anyone will be there. That is so sad, I know he will be so disappointed. It is going to be so hard for me to not cry. Jennifer has a friend from work making an awesome Poke'mon cake. And I tracked down on line all the party makings for a Poke'mon theme party. I am really hoping people do show up even though they did not RSVP.

Well, gonna run and eat dinner..need to gather up last min items for tomorrow. Have a great night.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I am such a bad Blogger

So, it is catch up time again.

Friday I did not go out shopping for Black Friday. At the last min I changed my mind and was going to attempt a couple of things at Walmart. I did get lucky with a parking spot 3rd car down. However, once I walked in the store it took me almost 15 mins just to get past the 4 rows of people that were wrapped around trying to check out. It was a zoo. They did not have the items I wanted, and since they were not big ticket items I did not want to attempt it. So, I came to work. I did go on line and buy a few things on line. I did have the green Cricut in my shopping cart, but decided against it since I have all those quickutz. I also had a DS in my shopping cart and decided I did not need that either. And I guess I should have went ahead and bought it, actually should have bought 2. One for Dylan and one for Gavin. Dummy me! I was well behaved. But then after work I went to JcPenney and to Fashion Bug. I cleaned out my closet and got rid of 97% of what was in there. The clothes I bought are more form fitting. They are a little snug, but that will give me time to wear them for a while. Hope not too long though. I want to be out of this size soon too.Come on lower sizes, you need to get here soon. I am over this feeling. And I want to move on in many ways. Tired of the fellings of emptyness!

Now why is it that in the last 2 days I have had 2 people ask me out, and not fully the one person I want? I am supposed to have dinner cooked for me after the beginning of the year, but I will beleive that once it happens. Since the last, lets go out and then get a text messgae "oh, I forgot - let me see if I can make time" issue, I am not getting my hopes up to much just to have them shattered. And no, the two that asked me out are not even a thought of going out with them. One is the security guard at my work, and the other is a old wrestling friend that lives over in Orlando. No and No!

Today is "squeeze the girls day" I have an appointment at 4 something. So , I will be leaving work a little early today, and tomorrow is the diet doctor. I was really good all wekk, but the elements are against me this week. UGH. I have been doing so good, but then when it comes to weigh in - it falls out the window. I can not see it yet, but I know I have lost inches since I am in a smaller size. Everyone at work says they can see it...but all I still see is an EXTREAMLY over weight person. I am working on the outside, need to also work on the inside. Thought I was, but for the 3 steps forward I have taken, I feel that I have fallen backwards 6 steps. Hopefully all these feelings are just due to this week...this too will pass.

My Aunt Mary and Uncle Eddie are on their way down from New York and heading to Lakeland. They will be here till about April? Mary was hoping to see snow before they left, as she loves the snow. Ed, not so much a snow lover! Can not wait to see them, miss them!

OK, work time. I will attempt to be a better blogger this week. Have a wonderful day everyone. And safe travels Mary and Eddie!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Late Thanksgiving blog. So, how was your day spent? It was a very lazy day for me. I am even still in my PJ's. I am a little sad that we did not have a full grown Thanksgiving meal. I mean our ancestors came over on the Mayflower, we should celebrate Thanksgiving more than anyone. Cody and my mom had ham, and I had a small piece of Lamb. Then we had plain green beans - not made into the usual yummy casserole, and zucchini. And I bought a very small Sara Lee Apple Pie for my mom and Cody. I had jell-o. No excitement here.

I originally had tomorrow off and then I cancelled it. Now I have to work. There are a few things at a few stores I would love to get. I do not really need to get anything, but there are a few deals that I can not pass up. At Walmart they have a Electric blanket for 18.00 and a Pyrex storage set. A few other things that caught my eye. Some places has sales on line that I could shop at tomorrow. I wish Walmart had the items I want to get on line too. I guess if I get up I might try to go, but I am sure the lines will be long too. Then I think I might just go after work. If the items are still there then it was meant to be for me to buy the items. A friend of mine did it up for Thanksgiving. He smoked 2 Turkeys and a Ham. For lunch tomorrow, he is supposed to bring in some of the Turkey for me. I love Smoked or Fried Turkey yummy! Can not wait!

Well, hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, can not wait to read about how your day was spent.