Friday, December 11, 2009

It is Friday..and I am so excited

Come on 4:30pm! The only thing that could make today better is if it was also pay day. Actually this morning was Pay Day in a different way. Both yesterday and today, I guess people are noticing that I am loosing weight. Yesterday, I had many compliments on the clothes, make-up, hair, and just all round look. Yes, I have started wearing make-up to work again. Between Victoria Secret, make up, new clothes, and weight loss it is helping me want to come to work again. It was getting to the point where I just do dnot want to come to work, and I was hating being here. even text message cancell guy would not stop staring and smiling. I was talking to him, and at least 3 times he would just say 'you look good" and the 3rd time he said "you look reallly good". Sorry, BUD...text message cancel date does not get you another one just by repeating over and over how good I look! Also, the other day I caught "nooner" looking me up and down, but has not said anything. I was talking to him, someone called my name so I looked away, when I looked back, I caught his eyes scanning. He say he was busted and he just looked away! It was too funny.

I am loving me some Victoria Secret right now! Ok, I have always been wanting to wear Victoria Secret. I have bought their lotions and perfumes in the past, but there under garments was out of my grasp. Well, I now can fit into their bras. I was buying some up. While I was buying them they give you a card that will have 10, 20, 50, 100, or 500 off your purchase and after December 1st you can reseem them. I earned 3 of them. Well, I had time to kill before the movies last night and had to go to JCPenney to pick up 2 sweaters I ordered. So, off to VS I went! I had a feeling they would all be 10.00, but that was fine as they had lotion sets for 15.00. I bought 2 using my cards. Since she was allowing me to do more than one transaction in the same day, I was digging thru my purse for the other 2. Oh, I also had a 10.00 GC and used that. I found the cards, and she told me before I went back and shopped she would scan them for me. The first one she scanned was another 10.00....but the secone one was $50.00! YES the big 5-0! I was beyond happy! So, now it was decide what to get. I was going to get one of their really nice expensive bras, but decided I did not need it. Then I saw some panties that was 5 for 25. Yep, 10 pairs of panties free - well had to pay tax - was alot better deal than 1 bra! So, when all was said and done I bought with all my gift cards: 1 multipack of lotions, 1 multipack of matching boy spray, 1 multipack mini set of there perfume collection, and 10 pairs of panties and my total was 31.65! Not bad at all! Think I might go back and get another of the perfumes multi set for my neice for Christmas. Still have a few family gifts I need to get. And the exciting thing is, I still thought I would have to wait to wear the panties a little while longer....nope can do now! Ok, enogh saying panties...Jennifer hates that word lol.

I am so excited about tomorrows Stocking Exchange. well, both excited and nervious at the same time. I just hope my pal likes what I got her. I do not want to disappoint her. I know she will, but still that is just me. Here I am dieting, and yet I sign up to bring Wright's gormet Cake and a few cupcakes. See, a few of the people do not live here, and they do not know what they are missing. So, I got the cake, and a few cupakes so they can try the different flavors. I can not have any, I am sure I cold have just a bite, but I am not sure if I could do that. I have been standing strong and not eating things I should not eat. There will be a few things I can eat tomorrow, so all will be good. Might cut my calories during the day, so I will have a few extra for the party.

Well, it is that time again where I need to get busy and work. Will blog later. OMG one of my friends Joan that I talk to alot here at work and we go to the movies, well she just walked up and she is in Green. Guess what.....yep I am in Green too! No we did not plan this and I am sure people will think we did!


elle said...

michele i'm so happy for you! it sounds like you are having so much fun shopping for all the girlie things at vs! congratulations!


:Jayne said...

I think it's awesome you've been shopping at VS! They say if you feel prettier, people will notice! Congrats on the weight loss. Can't wait to see pictures. I bet it's very noticeable!

melanie said...

That is awsome Michele! I know the feeling, I saw some people last night that I havnt seen in months and they were suprised at me. Im going to buy some new jeans myself today.

Anonymous said...

Michele, I saw some of the pictures on Kips Blog, WOW, you look great.Congrats. You really have your head together. You should be very proud of yourself. I have got to get mine together. Have been letting things happening in my life get the best of me and comforting myself with food. I know it, yet I still do it. Congrats. Keep it up