Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Late Thanksgiving blog. So, how was your day spent? It was a very lazy day for me. I am even still in my PJ's. I am a little sad that we did not have a full grown Thanksgiving meal. I mean our ancestors came over on the Mayflower, we should celebrate Thanksgiving more than anyone. Cody and my mom had ham, and I had a small piece of Lamb. Then we had plain green beans - not made into the usual yummy casserole, and zucchini. And I bought a very small Sara Lee Apple Pie for my mom and Cody. I had jell-o. No excitement here.

I originally had tomorrow off and then I cancelled it. Now I have to work. There are a few things at a few stores I would love to get. I do not really need to get anything, but there are a few deals that I can not pass up. At Walmart they have a Electric blanket for 18.00 and a Pyrex storage set. A few other things that caught my eye. Some places has sales on line that I could shop at tomorrow. I wish Walmart had the items I want to get on line too. I guess if I get up I might try to go, but I am sure the lines will be long too. Then I think I might just go after work. If the items are still there then it was meant to be for me to buy the items. A friend of mine did it up for Thanksgiving. He smoked 2 Turkeys and a Ham. For lunch tomorrow, he is supposed to bring in some of the Turkey for me. I love Smoked or Fried Turkey yummy! Can not wait!

Well, hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, can not wait to read about how your day was spent.

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Teresa said...

spending the day with your mom and Cody is what was is over-rated....LOL I am saying that after my piece of pie...LOL But is 3 day old pie...LOL Have a GREAT week....take care...hope to see you soon :-)