Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I am such a bad Blogger

So, it is catch up time again.

Friday I did not go out shopping for Black Friday. At the last min I changed my mind and was going to attempt a couple of things at Walmart. I did get lucky with a parking spot 3rd car down. However, once I walked in the store it took me almost 15 mins just to get past the 4 rows of people that were wrapped around trying to check out. It was a zoo. They did not have the items I wanted, and since they were not big ticket items I did not want to attempt it. So, I came to work. I did go on line and buy a few things on line. I did have the green Cricut in my shopping cart, but decided against it since I have all those quickutz. I also had a DS in my shopping cart and decided I did not need that either. And I guess I should have went ahead and bought it, actually should have bought 2. One for Dylan and one for Gavin. Dummy me! I was well behaved. But then after work I went to JcPenney and to Fashion Bug. I cleaned out my closet and got rid of 97% of what was in there. The clothes I bought are more form fitting. They are a little snug, but that will give me time to wear them for a while. Hope not too long though. I want to be out of this size soon too.Come on lower sizes, you need to get here soon. I am over this feeling. And I want to move on in many ways. Tired of the fellings of emptyness!

Now why is it that in the last 2 days I have had 2 people ask me out, and not fully the one person I want? I am supposed to have dinner cooked for me after the beginning of the year, but I will beleive that once it happens. Since the last, lets go out and then get a text messgae "oh, I forgot - let me see if I can make time" issue, I am not getting my hopes up to much just to have them shattered. And no, the two that asked me out are not even a thought of going out with them. One is the security guard at my work, and the other is a old wrestling friend that lives over in Orlando. No and No!

Today is "squeeze the girls day" I have an appointment at 4 something. So , I will be leaving work a little early today, and tomorrow is the diet doctor. I was really good all wekk, but the elements are against me this week. UGH. I have been doing so good, but then when it comes to weigh in - it falls out the window. I can not see it yet, but I know I have lost inches since I am in a smaller size. Everyone at work says they can see it...but all I still see is an EXTREAMLY over weight person. I am working on the outside, need to also work on the inside. Thought I was, but for the 3 steps forward I have taken, I feel that I have fallen backwards 6 steps. Hopefully all these feelings are just due to this week...this too will pass.

My Aunt Mary and Uncle Eddie are on their way down from New York and heading to Lakeland. They will be here till about April? Mary was hoping to see snow before they left, as she loves the snow. Ed, not so much a snow lover! Can not wait to see them, miss them!

OK, work time. I will attempt to be a better blogger this week. Have a wonderful day everyone. And safe travels Mary and Eddie!

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elle said...

you just keep going girl, the weight will come off! once in awhile you run into a snag but don't let that get you down too much, it will just continue to get better :)