Sunday, June 13, 2010

quick post just to post

Opps missed yesterday so I did not want to miss today. Not in too good of a mood. Friends are in Utah or on their way to Utah - I should be there but was not able to swing it. Staying at Kips and watching the boys as she is going. She will have a blast for the both of us. Got a ton of scrap stuff with me to work on some 4th of July cards. Had some almost done but can not find them so I will be starting over. Also decided will lay out in th epool after work this week as I am caspers cousin. I am Greek, I should not be this white! Now I just hope the sun helps me out and will be out when I get off work each day. Just remembered I will be at HROC for a class tomorrow afternoon. That is great I will get to see people, but will have to come right back after the class can not stay and linger and visit. Well, if they have it. They already rescheduled once lets see if they do again!

Oh well will close for now lots to still do in a few hours that I have until I go to Kips

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Marie-Claire said...

I am so in the same space as you mood wise today! I couldn't swing it either! Oh well, c'est la vie! They just better have a good time! I'd hate to be this jealous and blah and they not have a great time!