Friday, June 11, 2010

Georgia Day 2 post

Thought I would post what happened on day 2 of Geogia, and my second day in a row posting. See trying to get better.

Morning started off where Brad and I drove to Albany with the boys to the movies. We saw Iron Man 2. Shocker I had not seen it yet, and neither had they. But poor Brad had not even seen Iron Man 1. We were going to watch it Friday night, but did not get around to it. It was really good actually. Usually 2nd movies are never as good, this one was. Made it back to to Jennifers in time to get ready for teh party, however it was raining out and his party was going to be at the YMCA. And outside pool party. The Y is wonderful, they moved the party under shelter at the "Airnasuam". It stopped raining and so the party was under way. The swimming was slightly delayed as they were makeing sur ethe weather was ok. Once we got the all clear we moved the party to the pool area where it was supposed to be held. Since we were delayed they let us stay at the pool longer than what was allotted for our party. Hr had a nice showing of family and friends. Joshes mother, father, grandmother and even his brother showed up. Then there were cousins and other friends. Mrs Marsha from church came so I was able to see her. After the party Brad and I stopped at the store and picked up some dinner for Josh to cook on the grill. Yep, Grill Master Brad allowed someone else to cook on the grill. But then again it was Joshes grill and I told him, Josh can cook yummy on the grill! Now, on the ride home Brad did say that he could not wait for them to come back to FL so he could cook for them on the grill!

Oh, I realized the last time I was in Georgia was in December and at that time I was 40 pounds heavier. So, everyone was shocked when they saw me. Josh's dad had to be told who I was. He has seen me about 7 or 8 times before so he knew me. One person that I wanted to see me did not get to see me. But that is perfectly fine with me. There is always the October trip where maybe I will get back on track and loose more by then? I am kind of at a stand still. I have not gained but I also have not ost anymore weight. I am staying at 80pounds lost. Which is very perfectly happy with me. I do have more that I could loose and would love to loose - but then again I weigh less than I have since I was married. And that was back in 1986. I have stopped going to the doctor as I do not have the money to continue. I will just now have to do it on my own. The diet doctor helped jusmp start the weight loss. Now it is up to me to continue it.

Ok, back to work reports are done. Some of the girls are already in route to Utah. Brad said I looked down last night. And we figured out that it is because I am sad that I am not going to Utah. It is effecting me, and I am trying not to let it - but there is no way around it. I know it will be an extramly fun trip. Between all the sites and things to do to the classes, But most of all th eladies that will be going. Never a dull moment with them. You can just be sitting there doing nothing and it will be a "pee your panties" moment with them cause you will have so many good laughs! I really wish I was going. But was not in the cards for me. Oh, yeah I have my car back. it was almost $300.00 in labor alone. We had the parts so they did not have to over charge me on them. Would have been over 500.00 if I did not supply the parts. Another push back for me! Oh well, all part of life and can not let it pull you down. Have a great day and look forward to the weekend. Few more hours and mine will begin.

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Kip said...

I'm sorry you'll miss it too but so glad you can come stay with my boys.