Thursday, December 03, 2009

Almost Georgia time

But first these breaking messages (lol). So, Wednesday was Diet doctor day. I was very excited for the out come...4.2 pounds lost! That brings the total to 27 pounds. My goal for next week is 3 pounds so I will reach the 30 pound mark. So, I have my work cut out for me since I will be in Georgia and I will not be on a set schedule. I have to be careful. I will walk on the track to help. Fingers crossed.

I took today off from work to take my mom to the doctor. Seems that she was having an issue the last few days with walking. More so than normal, it hurts her just to stand up. Come to find out she has Gout. It was in one foot, and was about to start on the other foot. Got her medicine, so hopefully she will get better really soon.

Almost all packed for Georgia. I will be leaving in the morning. Going to make a couple of stops along the way. Jennifer loves to wrap, so I am going to let her wrap the presents for my Stocking Pal. She does such a wonderful job wrapping. I can not even cut a straight line. Yes, I am a scrapper and I can not cut a straight line. Saturday is Dylans birthday party. Jennifer informed me that not one single friend from school RSVP'd. There are alot of other things going on in town that day, so it does not look like anyone will be there. That is so sad, I know he will be so disappointed. It is going to be so hard for me to not cry. Jennifer has a friend from work making an awesome Poke'mon cake. And I tracked down on line all the party makings for a Poke'mon theme party. I am really hoping people do show up even though they did not RSVP.

Well, gonna run and eat dinner..need to gather up last min items for tomorrow. Have a great night.

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