Friday, May 28, 2010

It is a wonderful Friday

Just have to make it thru the day at work and then it is the weekend. Not just any weekend, but a 3 day weekend. And thanks to Jennifer's perfect timing of having Gavin... I am only working 3 days next week and then I will will be off for another 3 day weekend. Brad and I will be on the road to Georgia. I am looking forward to next weekend more than this one. I am still happiest when I am with those 3 little men. They are just the most amazing little men in the world. Yes I am a little bias, since they are my nephews - but if you ever had the pleasure to meet them - you would agree with me! Jennifer has done wonders in rasing them. The love she has for them just shines thru in them. Yes, they are boys and act up - but hello they are human. And they mainly act up when no one is around, just to push her buttons! They test her, but she prevails. It is actually not them testing her, it is someone alot higher testing her... and she passes the test each and everytime. She should never doubt herself as a mom, and yet she does? Just love that girl more and more!

Speaking of love.... yep it is gush over Brad time again. Today is our "technically" 2 month anniversary. I am sure I have said it before maybe even 2 times before... I do not concider all the times I came over to his house as us dating. I concider it us still getting to know each other, and just friends hanging out. We decided the first time we actually went out to eat somewhere - not him cooking for me as our first offical date. So, even though it now seems like we are moving fast, we really are not... technically. And besides that, some people are married in less time than this. So, me having some clothes here and sort of living here, is not too fast. And yep, this weekend he is adding a shelf to his closet so I can move more work clothes here. Right now I do have enough for 1 week of work, but that is not really "options" in what to wear to work. So, we will taking the one bar out - moving it up and then moving another bar in. So he will have the whole top bar and I will have the lower bar. He is also doing that in the spare bedroom closet so he will have one row for his work clothes (he has uniforms) and then we will have one row for winter jackets and a few of my sweaters. Oh, and he bought a small thing that has 5 hooks on it, so that I can bring some of my necklaces over and hang them on it. I chose that option instead of another jewerly box - alot cheaper of an option.

What is on the agenda for your weekend? Lets see for us... tonight we are going out to eat with a friend of Brad's that he has known since grade school. He wants to meet me, and I guess give his seal of approval? Tomorrow Brad will be a busy boy... we will go over to my moms house and I will do a little more yard work (trees and stuff) while he looks into fixing the front porch lighting for her. And maybe a few other things. Time permitting Saturday, he will change the oil in my car, check to see what all else is needing fixing on my car to get it ready for Georgia next weekend. Yes, not only does he cook, a handy man - Mr Fix It, but works on cars too! Sunday he will have a small cook out where both Moms will come over. Steve (his brother) will have his kids this weekend, so they will be here too. And then Monday, we will be going to a cookout with Brad's friend and a guy from the class that just ended. So, I get to meet more of Brad's friends. Somewhere in there I need to work in some more time for some other things too. Busy little bee, my friend Char says I am never in one place long and I am starting to believe it. Sounds like it when I type this out.

Ok - I am rambling so I better close. Have a great day! And a even better weekend!

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