Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Been so busy I have not blogged

There is a lot to tell, but have been so busy I have not had tome to blog. I will blog some tomorrow. Just used up my time changing my blog that now it is late and I am tired. Thought I would change my layout since the holidays are coming to a close.

As, you know by now I have made it to Georgia. Cody and I left the house about 5am when I wanted to leave at 4am. Wanted to make a couple of stops along the way since it was the day after Christmas and I knew there would be sales to be had. I only stopped at Target since Hobby Lobby did not open until 9am and we were there at 8am. But I did stop at HL in Valdosta. They did not have the Stocking I saw the last time I was there. I knew when I saw it I should have bought it. It was perfect for my stocking pal, but no dummy me passed on it. Did get wrapping paper for my pal's presents. And some more for myself. I was out this year. I usually buy way too much and it lasts a few years, well this happened to be the year to buy.

Made it to Georgia before the fun began! Josh, Tyler, and Aurel were at the store buying steaks as Aurel wanted to treat everyone to a steak dinner. Josh cooked them on the grill and they were yummy. We were supposed to have pictures done, but the weather and mood was altered so only mock ones were done ( I will post a few of those later too). I did not get pictures with everyone that I wanted, and I still did not get any with Cody. Last one of us that I have is about 3 or 4 years old? Some pictures came out really great, and some are least to be desired. Emma tends to like having her picture taken only when she wants it done. It has to be on her terms or not at all. Bradley hams it up for the camera. He wanted a picture with me so I have one, well little miss Emma was not having nope no picture with her. She bearly even talked to me, but Bradley kept hanging on me coming to me and was just a sweet little thing! Aurel and Andrew had to head back to Ohio and be to work on Sunday. They left late, made it in time to get there just before a Blizzard kicked in. Sunday was a lazy day, as Jennifer had to work on Monday.

Well, will catch up more tomorrow. Think I will call it a night, I have not been sleeping too well so I will grab all that I can get. Nite all...until tomorrow.


melanie said...

i love the background but the color of the fount is hard to read. Have fun! About you sleeping, dont take your pill after 4pm

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!