Saturday, December 05, 2009

Party Day!

Today is Dylan's 8th Birthday party. Should prove to be very interesting. Will blog laster about the party. But for now, the drive up to Georgia was fun to say the least! I got a later than planned start. Tried to get windshield wipers replaced, had to go to 2 stores before I got them replaced. If I had a different car I could have had them at stop number 1. I stopped off at Hobby Lobby looking for 3 certain items and they had none. Next stop was Kohls as they have Tony Hawk shoes that Tyler wanted for Christmas. I missed out on a pair on Ebay, but there they had some on clearance and I had a coupon to add. Well, 3 pairs later for him (2 Tony Hawk and 1 Vans) I only spent 7 dollars more for the 3 pairs than I would have for teh one on line. I also picked up a pair of cute sketchers for Emma. I did not need to, but did anyways..went over to the Kitchen area. They had select Rachel Ray items half off. I bought an awesome Knife set that was 75.00 for 30.00. By the time I bought that and a couple other things I ended up spending 102.00 but saved 198.00! Great deal could not pass up.

Well, party starts in about 30 mins, guess I better get the kids up there. Back later. Have a great day, stay warm.


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