Wednesday, January 06, 2010

So I am a Blog Slacker

I changed my blog and thought I would blog more. And yet here I have not blogged since Georgia. There is so much stuff going on in my life right now. And that is when there is stuff to blog about. I guess I need to do a little each day so I do not ramble, and you do not finish reading my blog. I will try to make each day short - well my definition of short is still long by most.

Georgia: Georgia was great! Always love visiting with Jennifer and her family. There were a few bumps in the road in the visit, but minor compared to the all round picture. I do not think Cody will go back for awhile, and that is perfectly fine by me. My sister, well she was my sister. I did have a nice visit with her when I was shopping at her work (Goodwill). I will post more on GA later.

Work: Well, I was told yesterday morning that the move to the Carillon office will be this Friday and I report there on Monday. I was told I had to have my work belongings packed up by 1pm on Friday. They said I am to bring over my current laptop and duel monitors. I am so excited about that, as they do not have duel monitors at the office over there. Now they better let me keep mine. My current supervisor does not have 2. I am going to borrow IT's label maker and put my names on them so they will be sure to make it to my desk. Now, late in the after noon I was told that it may still get changed to the following week. Two Directors are butting to keep me there longer and one to get me over there ASAP. Let's see who wins! My money is to report this Monday! I have come to terms with the change, I am sure it will present itself with many opportunities that I do not have here. I will not be passed over, and I will not be under a supervisor that takes credit for my work. I will have an AWESOME supervisor there. And that makes the world of difference. It was getting to the point where I did not want to go to work. Well, at least I did not want to be at my desk. And since my "nooner" has said we are just friends and "I do not want to date anyone from work", I can move on from that too.Actually was not going to eat lunch with him this week to start the break off of lunch, and Monday he was at my desk..."11:30 right"! I said I was not sure since I had so much work to do, he said he would have the IT guy shut down my access so I would have to have lunch. But, now the IT guy sits 2 desks away from me...he knows me...he knows he does not want to make me I do not think "nooner" would win that one! Yes, I did go to lunch!

OK, now I need to get ready for my weigh in.I know I did not fair to well, as I have not been exercising or drinking my water correctly. Or, eating 3 meals as I should. I missed meals and that is a no no! And I have another odd stacked against me this week! Next week I will have to shift back to afternoon appointments. They said I could still go to my appointments. Well, they better let me! I am no where near where I want to be. I am only almost halfway to my goal I set, so..they better. Too many people get FMLA at work bogus, well if I have to get FMLA I darn sure will!

Wish I was in Tarpon Springs today for the Epiphany Celebration! Instead I will just have to watch it at my desk. Have a great day, and try to stay warm. Not succeeding here!


Kip said...

well pooh on Mr. Nooner...see, there was a reason for you to move!

Anonymous said...

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