Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thought I better Blog before it is Wednesday again

Thought I better Blog before it is Wednesday again. I have been a little down so I have not blogged. Had a very busy great weekend, but missed time to blog. Just when I was in the mood to blog again, I got hit by a Mack truck again. But you know, such is life, and It is what is is. So pick up my boot straps and march forward.

Back up a little...
Saturday: I went to Seminole (no not Hard Rock Jill and GA) Florida. I have a friend Karen that lives over there. Her kids just adore me for some reason, and they beg me to come visit all the time. I try to get over there as much as I can. But this time, I did go and I was Santa's little helper for Karen. Her children come first (as it should be) and so Karen has neglected herself. She could not remember the last time she bought clothes for herself. Well, between clothes from me, a few things from Kip, and many things from Jackie she now has new clothes that will last her a very long time. She was speechless and so thankful (thank you so much Kip and Jackie). She was already planning her Christmas outfit for Church and her outfits for the next month at Church before I stopped her. I told her she needed to throw all of her clothes away and start wearing the new items.

Sunday: I have a good friend at work that is dieting at work as well. He has lost 84 pounds since September 1st. Well, he was supposed to take me to lunch for my Birthday - since he started the diet 4 days before that fell through. Instead the other day, I told him he could cook lunch or dinner for me. So, off to Dunedin I went. Got there about 9:30am and we went over to Sams, he needed a few things and I wanted to get a few things. Got back to his house and he cut up my meat for me, packaged it up in one of those fresh sealer things, and even marinated a few things for me. Pretty much was showing me what he does to prep his food. While there his mom and nephew came over for a few minuets - very nice lady. She knew who I was and was just too funny. Last week he and his counter part was talking about steak and they asked me if I was a steak person. Well, hello do I look like I am not? Well yes I am! Love steak when cooked right. Yep, you guessed it he cooked me a steak on the grill and it was YUMMY! He has his brothers Great Dane at his house right now, the Moose is 6 months old and his head came to my chest! Smart boy too! I had my hands in my pocket and he was pulling on my sweater to get them out of my pocket to love on him! Al he had to do was lift his head upwards and he could give me kisses right on the mouth. Yes, I got many of those from him - just the dog not the other him. Visited a little while longer, and left about 4:30. On the way home I stopped at Goodwill and bought a couple pairs of shoes. Yep, I am becoming a shore whore. And yes I am wearing them. Not just one pair for 9 months everyday. After that since I decided that our kitchen utensils are way outdated and yucky (except for the wonderful ones I got from Jill for Christmas last year) I decided to stop at Ikea! Yes, I bought some new and improved items. There was a few other things I really wanted to get but funds said not now must wait. Got home and went to town cleaning out the kitchen. Did not finish all of it, only because I ran out of room in the 2 garbage bins that we have outside. Today is trash day, so tonight the rest of the kitchen will get done.

Monday: Lets see if I can get through this without crying again. So, I was informed I had to go to lunch with my Director. Got outside and my supervisor and his supervisor was there to go as well. Had a very nice lunch at Longhorn (yummy grilled Salmon) after lunch the real reason came out as to why we were there. Seems that the Billing Department is merging and it will not be handled Regionally anymore come January. This means that everyone that is in the different Billing Departments over the other regions all have to relocate to the Division Billing Office which is over in St Pete. It was very hard to hold it in while I was there, I rode with them so I still had to hold it. But once back at the office I lot it! Alexis did not attend the lunch with us, I was told I could not say anything to her. She is "in Billing" but she is not a Billing Person. That means she is not going to Division. I could not face her, so they had to tell her before I came back up. Her job is up in the air at this moment as the next thing will be the House adds to merge which is what she does. But how that plays out is not known. So, in the next few months she may still do them or she may have a different position. Now, I know I should be extreamly thankful that I still have a job...but I do not want to go there! I have been where I am with the people I work with for 13 years. I have formed some close friendships. They help me want to go to work. I will continue to see them after I move over, not as much as I would like, but I will still see them. I will not have my "nooner" lunch partner that I have had every day since September 1st. One great thing is that I know all of the people I will be working with and I like them. That is great, so I am not going over there not knowing anyone. I also know about 20-30 people that work in that building as well. So, I do already have people I can talk to and not feel like a outsider. In time I will make new friends so it will not be so bad. I have to do what I have to do. And I still have a job so that is the best thing! Now, I was told not to say anything until it is announced to the others under the Business Ops umbrella. Naturally I did tell my close friends that I know will not say anything. I wanted them to hear it from me before they heard it through the grapevine. Things spread like wild fire there once heard. Especially when it consists of major work changes, and this is one of them. Hard to stop crying when they cried!

Ok, made it until now, and now I have tears. Since this is extreamly long and I should have left for work 15 mins ago - and I am not even dressed...guess I better get off of here. Darn I think I will be late to work today. Since I have never been late in 13 years there....I think I can be now! I still will have my perfect attendance as long as I make it until Thursday.

Have a great day everyone. I know I will some way or another. Thank you all that have sent me emails and have called. Your words of encouragement have helped me alot. Ok more tear...BYE


:Jayne said...

I didn't realize all of this was going on. I'm sorry that you have to make a move.
Look at the bright side of things and know that there is a plan for you. Everything happens for a reason, and while we don't always agree or understand, we do what you're doing, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move on!
Hope to see you soon! Hang in there!

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