Sunday, December 06, 2009

Weekend is coming to a close

This was a fast weekend. It is already Sunday night, which means I will be heading back to Tampa tomorrow morning. This weekend was just too fast, but I will be heading back this way in 3 weeks and I will stay for a week. I have the last week of work off, so I will come up and watch the boys since they are out of school. Jennifer will just have one week to figure out what to do with the boys. Making plans as to how we will spend our time already. Video games, board games, and movies are just a few of the items.

The party yesterday was good. It was sad that none of Dylans friends from school came. There was just family there. He got lots of presents and gift cards so he was very happy. I did get to walk the track, even though I thought my nose was going to fall off. I walked one time around, and then Emily and Abby asked if they could walk with me. They are Josh's cousins little girls. Such sweet little things! Emily has the same birthday as Cody, so I can not forget that. They walked 2 laps with me, so I did the one mile. Emily stopped, but Abby walked one more lap with her mom (who joined us on the second lap around). Lily was there looking as adorable as ever she had the cutest Green Peacoat on and the cutest little cap. Bradly (my neice Ashly's little boy) was just staring at her. I mean borderline stalking staring! One time when she turned her boack on him, he looked her up and down. We were cracking up at him staring at her. We had to finally distract him to get him away from her, it was getting a little freaky. There was qa parade and thing downtown, but the parade started before we got done cleaning up the place we had the party. Maybe one time we will make it.

Gonna leave in the morning when the boys leave for teh bus. I have to be home to take my mom to the Doctor for Blood work. Seems the other day when she was having issues walking it was because she had Gout. It was working into her other foot, so luckily she had the appointment. It went away, but then her knee started hurting. She was using the computer chair to get around since I was not there.

Ok, going to go eat diner, going to have a venison burger. Yesterday morning I had venison sasuage for breakfast. I love venison! Hope everyone has a gret Sunday night. Yep, I am still very cold! It says it is 52 but I have not defrosted so I am still frozen.

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Teri said...

I really excited for you doing this weight loss and lifestyle change. You will be so much happier!! Let me know if you need any tips. I definitely know how to do this, unfortunately I don't always follow my own advice...LOL! Good for you!