Friday, December 25, 2009

Back already

Wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas first off! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas shared with your loved ones. I have my mom and my son Cody here with me. Well, now Cody has to go spend time with his sperm donor and his family later today. When he comes home he usually always walks in and gives me a long hug! My Christmas wish.(since I really should not wish body harm)..... is that today his sperm donor will actually be a dad. And not put him down, or give hm a hard time about things. Since I usually do not get my wishes or dreams, I know this will not happen. One can still dream!

So, I have not really cooked in....oh I have no clue the last time I have actually cooked a meal (besides eggs for breakfast lately) and for some unknown reason, I decided today of all days that I would cook Christmas "brunch". Since I am eating healthy I am fixing a different take on Christmas. I am attempting to cook a boneless leg of Lamb, but found a marinade on line that sounded good and different. Steamed artichoke, a different take on asparagus (if I can find that recipe again), sweet potatoes for Cody and my mom. Oh, I did buy stuffing and green bean casserole for them as well. And I surprised my mom, she thought I ran back to Publix for a Apple or Pumpkin pie or Strawberry Rhubarb pie (her other favorite) instead I came home with a mincemeat pie. That I believe is her all time favorite pie. Did not really do gifts, so that was her gift for now. Cody does not remember having tried it yet, I think he has...but he is game. That is one of the many reasons I love him! He is always game to try new things, and he always has even as a child. All of the add ons that I will be cooking today he will eat, but just for them I had to throw in some traditional things. Wish me luck on my cooking, maybe I can channel some of Linda's cooking mojo...but then again this is healthy eating so I do not know if it will come through to me. Hey maybe Miss Elle's? lol Trust me Linda, I would much rather have eaten at your house yesterday. And especially a glass of sweet tea!

Man, I wish I was in Georgia today watching the little boys open their presents. Have like a video conferencing since I could not be there? I love to see their face light up when they open things. And they are so thankful for everything, even socks or undies! I will be going up there tomorrow for a week. Jennifer has to work and I offered to babysit. Cody has not been up there in awhile, so he is going with me as well. I do not think Jennifer told the boys, forgot to ask her to keep it as a surprise. A delayed Christmas gift! Only bad thing for me, when ever he goes, I am second fiddle with Gavin. Those two are like two peas in a pod! They look and act so much alike it is not funny. Gavin does still spend some time with me, but his buddy COOODEEE will be all there is lol.

Ok, off to see how to cook the Lamb. will let you know how it went.

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