Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stop being a slacker

Time is getting the best of me. So much going on, other things are getting in the way. Just realized I have not blogged since May - almost 2 weeks. That stops today. Lets see how long that lasts. I just have to put my foot down and get time back to work with me instead of against me. I have no one to blame but myself. I can not continue letting time get the best of me.

This past weekend was the Georgia trip for Gavin's birthday party. Brad took Friday off with me and off we went to Georgia. Oh, funny thing he said.... when packing for the trip he asked "do we need the garmen (direction thing in the car). Uhm, very sweet to think and ask, but no honey I have been there many times, I know how to get to all the places we need to go - including backroads off the highway! I know the boys school, the wonderful church they attend, the YMCA, how to get to Albany to the mall and movies etc - and lets not forget Wal-Mart. Anyways, We had every ntention of going to Wild Adventures in Valdosta on Friday, but we kind of go a very later than planned start. And it looked really ruff when we were in the area, so we did not stop. We are going back in October and in December so we will go then. Besides Oct will have the Halloween stuff like Halloween Horror Nights, and December will have the Christmas like Mickeys Christmas. I was able to score a buy a day and go back all year for free. Even if we go just 3 times hat will more than pay for itself. Cause it was also discounted on top of that. And then it comes with discount admission to a few other places. Ok, back on we went ahead and drove onto Tifton and got there when we were already able to check in. We stayed at a hotel instead of the house. When we went to check in the front desk person says "oh your staying 2 nights, you really need a room with a microwave and a fridge". So, she put us in what they concider a suite for no extra charge, since she changed our room. Very nice and very cheap, we were happy. Bad thing was it is right behind Zaxybes. My favorite place to eat when I am there. The last 2 times I was there I did not eat anything as it was when I was just starting the diet. Since it was after lunch time and we had not eatten anything yet he asked if I wanted to eat there. Told him not to tease me! Well, guess what we ate there. And they did the food perfect and it was so mouth watering yummy. He was good and had their Salad. Thought it was neat that they serve it on regular plates not paper or plastic plates. I was bad and had their wings and fries, but I did not get their sweet tea or eat the bread and dipping sauce they have. Sacrifices had to be made a little lol.

After lunch we head over to Jennifers. They were not there just yet, but she left a key for us. When they got there, my mom was in the kitchen and I went towards the door to greet them. There is nothing better then seeing their faces light up and come up with smiles and give hugs. My mom was on the phone with Jennifer, she said she could tell when Jennifer drove up as they all started yelling "Shell's here, Shell's here". I told them Brad was in the kichen and they said oh cool - and went in and said hello to him. Mom and Jennifer were both wondering how they would take to him on this trip. This is in their home turf - and Auntie Shell was not alone like she has been all their life (pathic I know). well, they were just the way I expected, accepting! Dylan went to eat a snack and offered it to Brad, but it was something he could not have, so he offered him strawberries. How sweet is that? And when we went to leave I went in to give hugs goodnight, Brad came to the door and said goodnight, both the boys said - we need hugs niight and told him they loved him. They are just too sweet for words. And yes, once again it is thanks to their wonderful upbringing and amazing mother and father hat they have!

Wrote enough for now, better end this if your still reading lol. Will post day two tomorrow! Have a great day, make the most of it!

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