Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday again?

And it is almost over. One great thing is that this weekend is a 3 day weekend. Now I am "on call" all week and it ends Monday morning, so no going out of town fo rthe weekend for me. But that is ok as I will work Tuesday to Thursday and then another 3 day weekend. The first weekend of June is Gavin's Birthday Party weekend. Brad and I will head up to Georgia Friday morning, stop off at Wild Adventures in Valdosta to atleast get our passes (will be a tad too hot to stay very long) taken care of for when we go back in Octiber and December. This Georgia trip should prove interesting to say the least! He has already been very pre-warned, and I think he is "in too deep" to cut ties ones we come home from Georgia.

Oh 6pm...I am cutting ties to get out of here. Yep, Dunedin here I come lol

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