Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday and happy to see you

Next few weekends will be so busy. This weekend will be prep work to get Cody back home, next weekend will be Cody coming home, and then the following weekend I am heading to Georgia.

Yep, Cody is moving back next week. Instead of moving to a different home down there when his lease is up, he is moving back to Tampa. Oscar will be so happy. Well, I am beyond happy, and I am sure my mom is over the moon happy. I will be switching to the smaller room, and he will have my room. So, I need to switch his stuff to mine and mine to his. That is going to be a chore! It is something I have been putting off and now it has come to the moment of do or die. Then the following weekend I will move him back. And yes that means one more Yoders trip.

Georgia is to see the boys and school shopping time. Georgia is not doing a tax free weekend - darn them. And ours is the weekend after I am going. Coupons better be my friend! Usually they are. They start school that Friday, so one day they will have old clothes.

oops I am otta here

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