Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday came again

Quick post as I am at work and have lots to catch up on. Thought I would post really quickly while my reports are running. Had another great weekend at Creepover. Linda is just awsome! Will blog about it more when I get off work tonight.Have a great Monday.

Gonna eat me a cookie for breakfast. My "lunch friend" made cookies for this get together he had this weekend and brought in two for me and Alexis. No, not just me but Alexis do not read more into it, as I am not! But that was nice of him to think of us isnt it? Especially since he has about 10 Installers under him. lol

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:Jayne said...

It was a great weekend wasn't it? Loved seeing you again. you still amaze me with how many cards you can make in a weekend.