Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just plain tired

Ok, I am just plain tired of being fat, ugly, and dateless. So, I am going to do something about it. I have an appointment with Premere Weight Loss here in Tampa Friday at 230pm. I was thinking of the lap band, but I am too scared of it. I have heard and seen both success stories and not so successful stories. And I am too afraid that I will be a non successful story. So, I am going to do a weight loss clinic. I know it works, as I have done it in the past and I have lost weight. It is my own fault that I gained weight back and alot more. This time my mind is set, and I have to do this. I think it will help me both mentally and I know it will physcially. I am at a very low point in my life right now, and when I am...I eat. And then that adds to the low point. Well, there are a few people at work that are also going to a weight loss place, so I will have their support. I know Alexis will also give me a swift kick in the butt if I sway. I wanna be able to sit on that air ride to Utah next year, and have room to buckle the seatbelt not all the way to the end or need an extension. I already told our HR person that is doing this too, that by next summer I will be sent home for my dress attire (lol). I want to be able to walk up our 3 flights of stairs and not be winded! I can walk down it all day long no issues, but I can not walk up them without breathing hard.

Back to work..be back later


Anonymous said...

good for you Michele. I lost 50lb once and gained it back after a year or so, then I lost 60 and gained it back after a couple of years. It is hard work, but you seem to have you mind set and that is what it take to succeed. GOOD LUCK. Jeanne Edwards

melanie said...

good for you ...you sound like you have your mind up. A few suggestions...Always take your food to work. Donot even walk into the cafeteria. Lots of sugar free gum. When you think you want something pop it in your mouth. At night if you must eat, go to bed. you can do this, but dont think of how much you want to loose, just one pound at a time. You will feel so much better. Somebody asked me today at work, " are you ill, I noticed you have lost weight..I said no , not ill , just tired of feeling like a marshmello.

Cheryl said...

Sorry I missed this before. Go for it sis!!! Good luck. Do not let the A-holes get you down.