Friday, October 16, 2009

Great weekend starts in a couple of hours

I know I am going to have a great weekend, and I hope all of you do as well. I know I will be seeing some in just a few hours. Looking forward to the annual Hilltop Memories Creepover weekend crop! It is always so much fun. We will be at a new place this weekend. It also has the Snake Rattle and Roll festival happening. I have always wanted to go to that. I will be close, but better time will be had at the crop. I have my scrap bag all packed and ready to whip out some Thanksgiving and Christmas cards. Doubt I will get all the Christmas cards done this weekend, since I go a little over board and feel the need to make about 200-300. And yet every year I still run out! I do not need to give to as many co-workers as I do, but I just get in the holiday spirit and give them...isn't that what the holidays are all about? Need to finish packing clothes. Oscar will not leave me alone, he knows the sight of the suitcase means "momma is going away". My poor guy!

Went to the movies last night, yes instead of packing. My fried Joan's birthday is this weekend and I will not be here to celebrate it with her. So, we went to the movies. We saw Couples Retreat....OMG was that so damn funny! We laughed so hard we were crying! And not just one person was funny, they all were. And naturally Vince Vaughn was classic funny man Vince! If you have not seen it, and get the chance to see it....I say go see it!Oh, and if you never made it to the movies to see The it! or even buy is very funny! Sandra Bullock and very smokin hot Ryan Rynolds...yum!

Ok, packing is calling me, so I better get busy. I set a goal of being off here by 7am...need to check my emails and then I should be good to go. Make sure you all have a wonderful weekend. See some in a little bit, wish I was seeing others too that can not make it. But you all are in my thoughts!

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