Thursday, September 03, 2009

Shame on me again

Just noticed the last time I blogged was Monday, where did Tuesday and Wednesday go? I have had a lot on my mind, and alot of getting ready to go to Kips. I will head over to her house today after work. This time I packed a ton of things to lounge around in, and no work clothes yet. Since tomorrow is Friday we can wear jeans, I have those packed. I will head on over to my house this weekend to get some work clothes for next week. I did wash my work clothes last night, so I am set. Minus the clothes I wore to work today. I also packed about 10 books, like I will read that many, but still who knows? I packed a few different authors. I might also work on some Halloween cards. I did not pack the makings for thoses yet, but I do have the stamp set I want to use here with me at work.

Well, lunch is over, better get off of here. I will try to do better, I know I say that all the time!

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