Monday, August 31, 2009

Tired of it being Wednesday

So, I know as much as that drink looks yummy, I bet your tired of it being Wednesday. well, unless it was this Wednesday already. I know Kip, Barb, and Jill would really love for it to be this Wednesday! I actually do as well.

So, this past weekend was a bust of items wanting to get done. friday night I was supposed to go to the make shift memorial for a friend that passed away that I have worked with for 6 years. He died from complacations steming from a car wreck he had 7 months ago. He even came back to work for a few days, but just did not feel right. Finally went to have it checked it, but was too late. An infection took control over him and there was no fighting it once they caught it. He was such a nice guy. People around him would be having a stressed day and he would start singing Green Acres, how can you not laugh at that? Brent will be missed! I was

Let me back up (DUH Friday Day), I realized that September was fast approaching and I had not renewed my car tag. I decided that I better do it that day! Well, I get to the one in Brandon and knew it was not going to be good when I had to drive around the parking lot 3 times before finally finding a spot to park. I walk up to the building there are about 20-30 people waiting outside. Again, not a good sign! I walk in and there was about 15 people in line just aiting to get a number, all seats were being used, and people 2 and 3 deep standing along the back wall! I was there 3 1/2 hours! My supervisor was there too, but he was there when the system crashed so he was there almost 4 1/2 hours! That is what I get for waiting til almost the last day. Now usually I do it in September and after my birthday like a bad girl, but this time since it was going up I had to do it before September and I did it for 2 years at the now rate. It goes up Sept 1st. I was not able to do my liences, but was my tag. I turned in my USF tag, and just got a regular FL tag. If I would have kept the special tag and waited til Sept it would have been 176.xx before Sept it would have been 125.xx. So instead I got away with 80.00 for 2 years which included a change of tag fee of 12.00.

Saturday I thought I would be a Ms Fix it. I did the flapper on the toliet last week, so I thought I would do the faucet this week. That was a no go for me! I had plan on changing it anyways this weekend as there was a slight drip, but Friday it got really bad. I tried to turn the water off and could not. I do not think it has been turned off in years, so it would not budge! Then like a dummy I got a little upset with it and myself, and my ex husband, and my son, and just the world in general....and I hit the faucet with the wrench I was trying to use. Well, now there is a hole in the faucet so it has to be changed out. Neighbors father was supposed to do it yesterday or today, so far no go, but it is early yet.

Sunday, not much. Stopped by Kips, brought a few items over now so they do not have to sit in my car all day on Thursday wile I am at work. This weekend is a long weekend and Cody is maybe coming up since Laurel is coming up to see her parents. I already informed him a list will be awaiting him when he gets here of items I need done that I have not been able to do. He said he figured, and he understood there was things he wanted to do too that he should have done way back in January! We shall see. Guess I can bribe him and pay him? Since he is still not working I am sure he needs money.

Ok, reports done...will post again. Have a great day

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