Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Poop and CTMH

Now, they do not go hand and hand, but they kind of did yesterday. So, as you know Oscar went to the vets on Friday. Seems, they wanted me to get the poop sample for them. I do not understand why if I am collecting the poop the testing still costs so much? Well, Oscar has poop issues where you can not look at him when he poops. Finally, yesterday after work I was determined to make him poop! I had him outside and out in the back yard. He proceeds to pee 3 times thinking that is what I am waiting for, no dog it is the other. I even told him we were not going inside until he poops. Finally I look away and he does his assignment, and yes stops when I turn and looked at him. But he did enough for their likings. But right at that time the UPS truck drives up. Here comes the CTMH order I had been waiting on. So, I had to run to the front yard to get it so the guy does not come in the yard since Oscar was outside. Put the box in the house, then back to the back yard I go to try to find the poop again. I almost did not find it, I was getting mad and it was getting close to 7pm. Needless to say, I finally found it and off to the Vets office I go. Better news, Oscar does not have Heart Worms. The treatment cleared them all. At this moment he has a great bill of health, now we will wait to see what the poop results are. I know you all really wanted to hear about my Oscar's poop. But most all of us have dogs and can picture this happening to you.

One day closer to Friday!


elle said...

funny story michele...i can see that happening. LOL!!
hope there's no heart worms for him.

have good day :)

Jenn(ifer) said...

omg! GROSS but funny but GROSS!! Yuck!!

Teresa said...

LOL....what a poopy story...LOL

Was your UPS guy at least cute????

See you in two days...yippee :-)