Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday again?

Another weekend behind us. Looking forward to this coming weekend in Sebring. But first this past weekend catch up. Nope, Kathy I did not blog like I had hoped and said I would.

Saturday was the Sarasota crop. It was a small crop, but we still had just as great of a time as always. Really good food, but that is a given since it is a Hilltop crop and that is the BEST crop food every! Got things ready for this coming weekend. Now, I did not get anything done that I had planned! The recipe did not print for me, and the Quickutz embossing dies I wanted to use needs the extender plate that I do not own. So, I will not prepared. This weekend I will be that is for sure.

Sunday I went to Staples, I missed the last few sales but had to go to this one. They have the 70ct paper spiral notebooks for a penny. Needless to say I went thru the line 3 times. All three times that cashier had to inform me she is 6 months pregnant and have to sit down and take it easy. I think I wanna go back and see next month what she says when she is 7 months pregnant. After Staples I headed off to JoAnn's to get some paper and some fabric (yes Teresa...fabric for you for a purse for me lol). Next stop was Bed Bath and Beyond to get some coffee for my mom. We have tha "Linda" coffee maker and yet she has been using instant. Yes, bad daughter not going to the store to get some for her. OK, I normally do not drink the stuff so how would I know she was out unless told me? Even though there was a Staples right there I did not stop at that one. After I went to the one closer to my house I realized how stupid I was since there was one in the same plaza as BBY and JoAnn's! Last stop was JcPenny. I wanted to get a few items for the boys for school. And I saw in an ad that it was tax free week and I had a coupon. So, 19 items later I was at the counter. Was a little on the scared side as I had not been adding things up and I had added a back pack as the last item. Well, those 19 items only came to $117.xx. Best yet I saved $303.XX! Now fun part will be mailing it. I kind of do not want to wait till October. The fun item to mail will be the back pack. After all that I wanted to take a nap, but nope I got on the computer...and you know where that led me! Yep, right to farmtown. I did actually tear myself away long enough to dye my hair. But, did not tear myself away for anything else. I did make it to level 32 in Farmtown. Now I will slow down since there are only 34 levels.

Yep, it is that time to get off here and get started on some work. Hope you all have a wonderful day.


Kathy Laubenthal said...

I was looking for your blogs!

elle said...

you found some great deals on sunday!! now you have to mail all that stuff...unless you're planning a road trip that!

have a good day michele!

Kip said...

You are a wonderful Auntie!!