Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gotta get rid of the poop caption

Bet you would like that? So let's see. today is Wednesday, another day closer to the weekend. I have Friday off for FGT, so I am only looking at tomorrow left of this week for work. YEAH!

I mailed out the box of clothes to Jennifer for the boys, only to realize that I forgot I also bought a couple of items at Bealls besides JCP. And today my friend Lisa at work brought in 2 bags of clothes for me to send to them. Her son Dawson is a little older than Tyler and a little bigger. So, there is a new bag of clothes now waiting to be mailed again. I might just mail the new clothes and wait on the others. We shall see.

Yesterday, I started on the Recipe Swap items. Since my word program at home is still giving me fits, I did it at work. Well, come to find out....the recipe that my mom wants to use is wrong. It was missing an ingredient, and one of the main things. Luckily I caught the error! But then I did not catch the fact that I then typed up the wrong amount on another ingredient! UGH. I have it fixed today, so she will be able to get hers down tomorrow. A stamp set I had planned on using that I thought I bought, I did not buy. So, I will buy it this month and use it in next months swap. Now onto a new idea? We shall see what I come up with.

Ok, still at work so I better head on out of here, break is over. Yes, I am taking my breaks. I will not go there right now........

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elle said...

hope you get the recipes printed out and ready to be put together. nice you have a printer at work you can use...makes life easier :)

have a good one michele!