Friday, August 07, 2009


So, it is Friday and it is 1:21pm. Just a few more hours and I am off for the weekend. What plans do I have in store? Well, today after work is Oscar's yearly check up. I am hoping he gets a clean bill of health. Now they want me to bring in some of his poop! Now, Oscar has poop issues. He will not poop in the front yard, and he runs to the back yard some where...where we never know. I have to go hunting for his poop after work today and in the hopes of finding recent. Now I know this is TMI, but how they heck am I supposed to find it. Guess I have to put him on a leash next week and make him go when I am right there. So, I can find it easy. Fun fun!

Tomorrow is Sarasota. I am supposed to work on my recipe swap. But of coarse dummy me did not bring the paper to print them out. Fingers crossed I can get the stupid word docs to come up at my house. Some times Word will work and sometimes it will not. Nothing like waiting til the last min to start gathering things. I am so darn bad at that. I will be ready for FGT I have to be.

Sunday night I will be going to the Coldplay concert. Wish Jennifer could come down here to go with me. I feel bad that I will be going again without her. My friend Michelle from work will be going with me. Someone else was supposed to also, but she had prior engagement. It will be a great concert!

Well, better get back to work. Hope all has a wonderful weekend!


elle said...

good luck with oscar!! lol that doesn't sound pretty....

have fun at the crop and there's always cards !

have a good weekend michele :)


Kip said...

I love Coldplay too but saw that they canceled :)
Hope you found the poop!