Monday, June 01, 2009

MTV has goon too far

I used to love to watch MTV, but then they started getting really bad shows that were just plain out right stupid. I also used to love to watch their awards show as it did not come across as stuffy. Well, last nights show was so out there, I could not believe what I was watching. Some guy won some award that I do not recall anymore because he kept "humping" his popcorn award anytime they would put the camera on him. It went on for a good couple of mins. And this was before the Twillight movie sneak peak, so I know lots of young kids were watching. And poor Enimen fist performance in a long time...all was going great for him....until Sasha Baren Cohen came down from the ceiling right into his lap. He had his crotch right at his face, and he was only in a jock strap that was sparkled up and wings. His body guards were not too happy with him! There will be some pay back for that I am sure. For all the people to mess with you had to pick him? And you know MTV knew ahead of time that they were going to do that, as he came down from right above him.

Finished another Jodi Picoult book. and tonight will start another. I forgot that I did not read Nineteen Minutes, I started it but then put it down to read My Sisters Keeper. Another sad book that makes you think. My goal is to read all of her books this year. Her writing style annoys me at times, but then it all plays out the story. This one went from present day, but then back tracked to the past a little telling things to lead up to why things happened. This time I did figure out one thing in the story before it was reveled. Next I am going to read Handle With Care. Borrowed that from Linda yesterday afternoon. Will start reading that tonight, but WILL NOT stay up all night reading it. I will take a few days to read it.

Ok, get back to work time. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a great day so far.

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