Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Gavin

Today is Gavin's Birthday (in case you do not know he is on the right, and Dylan is on the left. As I am typing this, I was just able to wish him a Happy Birthday before Jennifer dropped him off at the YMCA. He is so excited that it is his birthday. He is a big boy now. He claims that since he is a big boy he does not want any more Cars stuff, but yet Jennifer asked him what about "Baby" (his blue stuffed bear) nope he still needs him. Can not get rid of him yet. Saturday will be his birthday party so I will be going to GA on Friday after wook. Since Mike is off Wednesday to Friday I could not take off on Friday, I have to take off on Monday. That means I can drive back Monday instead of right after church. Here is another picture of the birthday boy (ripped from J's blog)

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