Saturday, May 30, 2009

Non eventful day

I woke up one time this morning and decided that I did not want to get up. So, I went back to sleep and crawled out about 11am. Played on the computer for awhile before I headed off to Publix. Had a few coupons in tow so I had to go. When Jennifer was here I introduced her to the Salt & Pepper Cashews. Now she is addicted and does not have a Publix hear her to get them. And Wal-Mart does not carry them. I bought 4 containers, but I do not think they will all make it to her house. So, I am thinking I might need to buy a couple more for her. I will be going up there again next week for Gavin's birthday, but after that I do not think I will be heading that way til October. 4 months not seeing them will be hard, so I might cave and go before that. It is so hard not to see those smiling faces! Pictures just are not the same. Gavin is changing so much everyday, I hate missing it. And Dylan's medicine is working, so he is growing!

Mowed the front yard the other day, and this evening I went to mow the back yeard, but realized I already needed to mow the front again. I managed to mow the whole thing, and remembered that our yard is slanted. So, I got a good work out. You know how they say you should not go in the water after eating? Well, you should not go mow a yard after eating. Give your food time to digest. I was not feeling to well after that.

Tomorrow I think I will work on my room a little bit more. I think I am going to purge some stuff. And I think I will get rid of some old VHS's that I do not need to hang onto anymore. They are old taped wrestling shows and local matches of a old "friend" of mine. I think I will put my books that I have bought there for now. Tomorrow night will watch the MTV movie awards show. They are going to show the clip for New Moon just to wet out thurst buds until it comes out in October. Hope everyone has a great Sunday.

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