Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sunday afternoon

OMG, I have a new love.......and it is called IKEA! There was a family and friends day yesterday at IKEA for the employees to get the kinks out of the store before they open this coming Wednesday. Linda, Diana, and I headed over there and only planned on being there a couple of hours. Well, we ended up being there 5 hours. I could have crazy in that store, but I was a good girl and only spent less than 40.00. But man was I drooling and there are lots more items I see in the future of ending up here at my house. Did not try their food court, but hear great things about it. It will probably be about a month before I will go back, to let the newness die down. I know Wednesday will be hectic.

Yesterday in the mail I received the 3rd book from Lisa Kleypas about the "Travis" family. I read a few pages in the car on the way to Ikea. Well, yes I finished the book this morning about 3am. There is a person in the book that reminds me way to much about a family member of mine. No not a good one! Despite that, the book was still good. But I have decided that I need to stop reading romance books! It kinds of depresses me that I do not have a boyfriend. Some parts in the books are a bit steamy! So, now I remember why I also do not like watching romance movies. I usually still with Horror and Teeny Bopper comedies.

Went over to Mary's today to meet her children. I will be checking in on them while her and Sammy go on a Cruise next week. They are just so sweet. Oscar did not like me too much when I came home. He kept sniffing me, One time he even just hand his nose on my arm looking up at me as if he was saying...What the hell is this smell? This is not a smell I should be smelling on you.

I have a challenge on my hands! Charla at work wants me to make a scrap book for a relative of hers. He will be having his 80th Birthday in a few weeks. They are old pictures and it is for a male. I have never scrapped old pictures, and I have never made a scrap book for a older man. A baby boy is easy...but a 80 year old man? HUM that will be tough. Yes, this is a person who has paid me, so I do not have to worry. Speaking of someone that did not...Kim. Her mother passed away last week of massive heart attack and congestive heart failure. Kim and her sisters are not taking it too well. They have always been a very close family. Tomorrow is the funeral. A lot of us will be attending the funeral to show her support. Despite a few kinks in our stained friendship, I will be going to the funeral with a few others. We have had a few set backs in our friendship, but that is all petty crap that needs to be set aside tomorrow. She will need all the friends she has or had to help her thru this.

Wednesday after work I will be heading up to Georgia. This weekend is Tyler's 10th Birthday party. Wish my mom and Cody could go. But since Cody has not answered me, I do not know if he is or if he will sit with Oscar while my mom goes. Have not talked to him in awhile. Guess he is ok, and guess he is busy. Who knows? I do not. Do not get me started on that subject. So, with that said. Think I will go start reading another book. But I need to slow down. I do not need to read the whole thing at once.
Hope everyone had a great weekend.


:Jayne said...

I will trade you, I'll do the old man's pictures and you can do a wedding album I've been asked to make. No not my son's! I love doing the old pictures. But think of it as a challenge and broadening your horizons.
As for Mr. Cody, it's what they do when the go to college. Not easy for us moms. I used to worry mine were even still alive.
Hang in there!

Cheryl said...

Maybe you could Board Oscar and then Mom could go with you????