Saturday, May 02, 2009

Where is Thursday and Friday

It is Saturday and Saturday after noon already. Where did Thursday and Friday go? Well, nothing but work and watching TV so it was not exciting anyways. Today I have been cleaning, well I started and then got side tracked with coupons. I started cutting out the zillion of coupons that have added up that I need to use. Some great ones expired so I am a little upset. So now I am planing my meaning of attack for more free be stuff. I brought alot of things down to Sarasota, so I have room for more. I want to gather more to also bring to Ruskin. So, between mine, Jennifer, Sarasota, and Ruskin I am cutting out lots of coupons. My bed had piles and stacks galore that need to be filed away. I think later when I run out to Mary's I will stop at a few Walgreens and Publix. Last night I went to Walgreens not really prepared spent 11 dollars and saved almost 40.00! Not bad I would say. They had a few things I did want, but some oe else already hit them up and got the scoop out from under me. Maybe I can find a Walgreens that has not been hit even though today is the last day of the ads. Oh, tomorrow there will be ALOT of coupons. Yes, I am drooling. And yes I am pathic. But now a few people have benefited from my dealings so I do not feel too bad. a little bit I am heading out to a sneak peak of Ikea that will be opening next week. It is a friends and family thing. I think it will be packed, but what the heck! I have never been so why not. After that I need to run out to Mary;'s to meet her "kids" as I will be watching them for her while she and Sammy are on their Cruise. I will be in trouble when I get home as Oscar will smell them on me the instant I walk in. He does when I am at Linda's and loving on Boo and Mia. Well, same when I love on any other animals. He is not a happy camper...A) I went off and B) I loved on another animal.

Better get off of here and get busy before I head out. Have a great weekend


Kip said...

wish I could have gone with you all yesterday! Love your new blog look!

Cheryl said...

So where was the "Family" invite? I've been waiting for YEARS for them to open.

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