Monday, May 04, 2009

Not ME Monday

Funny thing on the way to work today I was thinking I have not done this in awhile, and I see that Jennifer did this today. So, I guess it is safe to do it now. Sooooooo

I did not do anything the rest of the afternoon yesterday, knowing full well I had a ton of things to do. Like cleaning, scrapbooking, getting ready for Georgia. Nope not me. well, now I did do laundry. Yes, Jennifer, I did my laundry lol

I did not add money to my spare change account on Egg Breakers just because I wanted to get to level 8. I went back and fully 100% completed the lower levels to get to the higher level. So, now they are completed and not just moved on since I had the points. Nope not me.

I did not stay quiet when the cashier removed the full price off of an item, when it says "up to $1.00" on the coupon. The items were from 1.29 to 1.69 that she was ringing up and should have only removed 1.00. I should have said something? Nope not me (I ended up with 4 single rolls of paper towels, 2 boxes of tissues, and 1 4pk of tolite paper for .77cents since she took off the full amount I only paid the tax amount)

I did not go back and re-read the last 20 pages of the book Smooth Talking Stranger just to make sure I read it completely correctly, since I read it at 3am Saturday morning. Nope not me.

I did not delete a friend off of facebook because of them adding my friends as theirs, and they do not know my friends. Nope not me! That is a big pet peeve of mine. Just because I have friends, you do not need to go adding my friends as your friends. Now, if you know my friends that is totally different. I do not go adding people just because, now I did add some for Yoville crew as they requested me and I requested them. Most of them I have deleted off as actuall friends since I really do not know them. I mean I did not add Sammy (Mary's husband)originally when I saw him on there, just because he is Mary's husband and I have met him a couple of times. Yes, I have him now as a friend, but that is because he requested me and he needed to keep in touch about the kids while on the cruise. So, I am not contradicting myself lol.

Anyways......can you tell I am in a funk today? Hopefully the rest of the day will be good. About to leave for the funeral in a little bit.

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Jenn(ifer) said...

I so totally hate people adding my friends as theirs!!!! That is why my friends list is hid on myspace!