Thursday, April 23, 2009

oops skipped wednesday

Started off the day with a "Around the World Breakfast". They had different stations set for a few different countries. I was happy to see FRENCH TOAST! But they had beans for England, but no toast! So I had the lady making the french toast just make me toast. So, I had my beans on toast for England.

Our Jeeps ready to pick up up..

Jen and I was part of the 'bright' blue team. I noticed instantly that we were placed with a driver that seemed a bit cantankerous and, well... old. He didn't seem as enthusiastic about the day as the rest of the other drivers. This could be a very long day. There was one that had a Sam Elliott appeal to him, even waring a gun! I wanted in his Jeep! We had to drive through town in our open air jeeps, with the wind whipping us like firecrackers on the fourth of July. We had a list of items we had to find along with a few pages of questions to answer. It wasn't long before we realized we may just die in those very jeeps at the hands of our driver, Ron P. We stopped at a stop light and Ron tried to pull between another car and a jeep....he was straddling the line with our jeep just to jave me yell at the other Jeep to turn off their blinker thathad been on for miles. He freaked Jen out, he was old ranch hand cowboy scary! We adjusted my seat belt and held on for dear life.

We get to the Ranch where we'll be doing our trek and the real fun begins. We had to shoot a bow and arrow, rope a fake bull (I did that), play horseshoes, find our treasure, and find our scavenger hunt items. We started through the desert and I notice that Ole Ron P. has story for everything as well as colorful words to go along with the stories. He proceeded to get out of the jeep to pick something off of a bush for us to eat. He's going to make us eat STUFF and smell stuff! Is this survivor? I will gladly be voted off the island. Then when we thought I was safe, Ron P. decided to ask, "Do you guys like the country?" To which two people, myself included, responded, "Yeah!" "To hell with this $#*& then!" replied Ron P. and before I knew it he jerked our jeep off the path and onto his own private road that lead to only God knows where. Ron proceeded to show us where his parents were killed (internally screaming), where he played as a little boy, and the spot where he was trampled by 6 horses and broke nearly every bone in his body. He also picked more things up for us to eat. Great!!! After the detour, we finally find some other jeeps but we were now at the end of the pack. We were pretty sure we were disqualified at this point, but what the heck! We were learning much more than the other players. We were getting the REAL deal. Ron grew up in this desert and he knew it like the back of his hand. If we were going to get eaten by coyotes, he'd probably know them by name! A few other drivers had guns, ole Ron did not, he just had a pocket knife. And not with all that seraded shit like Lee's. We finally make it to the lunch area. We was just happy to be OUT of the jeep. We found out from some others that our driver, Ole Ron, was 86 years old. Apparently he's prone to going 'his own way'. Yeah, tell me about it! We ate some lunch and had an unwelcome visitor slither through....there was also a darn tarantula but I wasn't getting close enough to that thing to take a picture. After lunch we headed BACK to the resort and got ready to head to "Old Town" in downtown Tuscon. To do a little bit of shopping. It was a bit pricey so did not buy anything but some migrage balm stuff. We didn't have much time (or enough money) to shop, so we headed back to the resort to get ready for the formal night awards ceremony. We had cocktail hour prior to the dinner and I think a few people had a bit too much to drink this night,

as it was very interesting when a few people went to the front to get their award. I just went up there barefoot as my shoes would not stay on. It was either tip....or go barefoot. I opted for the later.


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