Friday, April 24, 2009

Sorry for the blog

I thought it was down, but did not look at it. It was still letting me blog, but you guys could not read it. I tried fixing it, but to no avail. So, I had my wonder woman Jen fix it for me. Do you not just love it? She always comes up with the best layouts for hers, so I have put her in charge of mine. When she changes hers, she will now change mine too. Just gotta love her.....and you know I do more than anything else! While on the subject of her...... last night the C family was at the park. My cell phone rang, but I did not hear it. Side note real quick about that, Oscar jumped up and went to my purse when it was ringing, since that is where it was. He would look at my wonderful beautiful Teresa Creations handmade (nice plug?) purse then he would look out towards my room to see if I was coming. He knew it was my cell phone ringing. Now if I could just get him trained to bring it to me or answer it? Anyways, Gavin wanted to call me. Since he did not get me he called on the mail line. Just too darn cute! Just wanted to know what I was doin'. And then Dylan gave me some pointers on how to get rid of my "headache" but it is a cough. He is such a caring sweet boy! Three total different personalities, and that makes them all so darn irresistible! You can never get mad at any of them. There are going to be lots of little girls hearts breaking in Georgia in a few years, hell there already is!

Anyways...tonight after work I will be heading to Sarasota to set up the crop for tomorrow with Linda and Kathy. Then we will be back tomorrow. Gonna be a full house with lots of people, and as always....EXCELLENT crop food! Do not know what the menu, and it does not matter one bit. All I need to know is Linda and Crop food, enough said!

Few prayers needed.....Stellan, he is not doing so well. I added the link for him, in case you are not aware of this sweet poor little boy. Teri with her hugh loss of her father. Barb, Kips friend that keeps having one thing after another not feeling well. And many others! Just remember to hug your loved ones and tell them you love them!


Jenn(ifer) said...

You didn't link to "Stellan's"

Teresa said...

Love your blog wallpaper....VERY nice.
Also, glad you like you purse and thanks for the "plug".
So glad you had a good time at the crop and I bet the CROP FOOD was yummy. I missed all of you.