Sunday, March 22, 2009


Not sure what I am going to do yet, as Cody is here. He came home for a surprise visit. When I got home from Ruskin last night, my mom informed me that he was here. But of coarse he was off with his friend Mike and did not get home til 3am. So, he is asleep and not sure when he will be up or what is on his plate for today. If he will be going back home today? No clue.

As you already know, yesterday was Ruskin crop. It was a great crop. Got to see old friends, and possibility of new friends. One new person that MC was so nice to bring, even told Linda before she left how great the food was. Not just that, but that she never gets to eat like that as she does not cook like that. So, as we all know - love - and crave...Linda's crop food is the best there is! No other crops can come close to her food, let alone the whole package. We were well behaved for the most part, especially since we at the Church. I finished up my Cruise album, and managed to spell Mexico correctly. Almost turned one flag the wrong way but noticed it. Cut some pattern paper for the Easter cards I will be making next weekend. Speaking of next is the Sock Hop down in Bonita Springs. I will be well prepared for this crop. I am going to pack ahead of time, and I will be all set to go. I do know I am going to make Easter cards, and maybe some other cards to have on hand. That is the plan at least at this moment. There will also be classes, so not sure how much that will take into time. But I am going to have my cards pretty much ready to go to make lots. Dummy me has spoiled some co-workers, and so they expect cards when ever there is a holiday. You should have seen the faces when I did not make Valentine cards! Looked like a kid when their favorite toy just broke, they were crushed. And yes, I know it is my fault as I never should have started doing it. Lucky for me there is only 37 people under the Billing umbrella. But there are also about 10 others that have come to expect cards too. So right away before other friends and family, I make about 50 cards just for work. I have the idea and makings for about 40 right I am almost done with works ideas.

If your still know I am a movie freak / hound. Well, Last night after the crop I was all excited and could not sleep. So, I watched the new movie Knowing with Nicholas Cage. I had not really paid attention to the movie, other than it had Nicholas Cage in it. I started watching the movie and all is OK. Well, the very first disaster scene, was a tad bit much! It was very graphic, I almost turned it off. I can handle Horror movies, as I know how far fetched they are. But this scene was something that could happen, and just the thought of it is bad enough. I will strongly advise to wager before seeing the movie if you planned to see it. Oh, and if that information is not bad enough for you.....the ending was a big disappointment. I did not figure it out, and I think it was totally stupid.

So, should I be a mean and greedy mom and go wake up my 21 year old son that stayed out late with his friends, just because I want to see him? I am sure Oscar would not mind me doing it either. lol

Have a great Sunday!

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