Friday, March 20, 2009


Can the clocks fast forward to 4:30pm? Man I do not want to be glued to my desk right now. I do not want to be here, I want to curl nack up into a ball under my covers in my bed! It is going to be a long and boring day today, I can feel it. But....I have a job, so I can not complain. And make the best of it. The girl that sits next to me,Carolyn is transferring to another division and today is her last day. Nothing was planned for her, hopefully Scott atleast takes her to lunch. She is a vegitarian, so it is a little harder. I told him she does love sushi, so fingers crossed it will be a sushi day. Oh wow too funny, I no more than type this and Scott comes over and tells her he is taking her to lunch, and does she like yes it will be a sushi lunch! So the day just got brighter here at Bright House (lol). Very sad she is leaving. She is such a trip. She is all nice and sweet to people and then as soon as they leave I will hear her typing, then I get a pop up aim message with some smart remark. I always get busted, as she types then I laugh. Sometimes the people will stop to talk to other people close by, and they will hear my chuckle....BUSTED! Because of coarse it is not a haha chuckle, it is my evil chuckle.

Saturday is Ruskin, not packed yet. I think I am going to bring my cruise albumn to finish. Did not finish it on the cruise. And then next weekend is The Sock Hop. That will be down in Bonita Springs, and I can not wait. Will work on Easter cards at that one. Since the weekend after that will be Easter.Following weekend I will drive up to Georgia to get Jennifer for our Arizona trip. Man my weekends are jammed packed for the next few months. WOW

So, tonight at midnight the Twillight movie will be released. I did pre-order it but had an issue with my order so it was cancelled. Now, it comes out at Midnight but there will be a mad house, and I am heading to Ruskin tomorrow morning. I loved the movie, but I do not think I will be in that crowd. Besides, Saturday I will not be able to watch it. Unleass I pull a Lauderdale girls trick and watch it while I scrap? No, I will behave at the crop as much as I can. So, if it is in the store on Sunday, it is in the store on Sunday. If stores were smart they would have ordered double the amount they think they will need. I do beleive it will sell out!

Well, guess I better get to work and do some clean up of accounts. It is so great to have Mike back, lots that I am behind on, is almost caught up in 4 days. There is still a pile to do, but I see that being done by next week. Two people working on it instead of 1 is getting it done. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

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