Monday, February 16, 2009

What do you do?

When you go to the store to buy clothes, do you try them on at the store? Well, I did not and I should have. I was busy yesterday searching out some cruise clothes, now I have clothes....but just wanted new clothes for the cruise and any other trips that may be coming up soon. I wanted to hit as many stores as possible. so I did not try on clothes. Off I went, I hit up Bealls, Wiregrass Mall, Lane Bryant and Sears at University Mall, and KMart. I bought in total: 3 pairs of shoes (2 heels and 1 black tennise shoes), 2 pairs of jeans, 2 capris, 3 pj sets, 1 pair of dress pants, 2packages of socks, 11 shirts, and 1 black dress jacket. Oh, and one black dress for Jennifer. So, today I will be going back to Lane Bryant, Sears, and KMART to return items. I will be returning the jeans, capris, 9 shirts, dress jacket, 1 pj. Pretty much just keeping the shoes, 2 shirts, socks, and 1 pj set. Almost starting from scratch. Besides returning all those items, I will also hit up Fashion Bug today since I am out near one and yesterday I was not near one. Would like to Try to shoot for both Michaels and JoAnns today as I have a coupon in hand. Looks like today will be a very long day, from work at 615am to probablly closing stores.

Oh, and I sent money to Cody for a belated Valentines for him and Laurel. They had a New College party so they did Valentines with friends. Now it was nice enough that he told me where they went, but he did not have to go into what they ate! Here is what he sent me....
Yeah I got it. Thanks a lot. We went to El Greco, the greek place
downtown. It was really fantastic. We had:

Mezé Platter - Souvlakia, dolmades, feta cheese, tzatziki and grilled
pita bread.
Calamari Tiganito - Lightly floured calamari fried and served with
lemon wedges and our house made marinara sauce.
Combo Platter - Chef George's famous Entree of Moussaka, Pasticcio,
Spanakopita and house made Dolmathes.
Avgolemono - The famous Greek soup. Chicken, lemon, rice and eggs.
+ Baklava, of course : )

Well, as always...Hope you all have a wonderful day! Happy Birthday Aunt Mary! Hope you have a wonderful Birthday

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Jenn(ifer) said...

I didn't realize you got me a dress..I thought that dress was for you. Okkkk, Thanks :) lol

Too bad you have to take back everything, b ut that is why I do have to try on everything. When you're short, it really is important to make sure things fit before you buy them, especially pants or dresses. I'm odd shaped, so I have to try everything on