Friday, February 13, 2009


Happy Friday everyone. At work again at 6am, but today is the Consistency Luncheon for all the employees that made Perfect Attendence last year. In the past it was held at Outback, naturally this year since I finally made it it is just at the Hilton Garden Inn across the street from us. Also, this is the first year....we have to come back to work. This is the email received from HR: We have changed the location for the Perfect Attendance Luncheon. Feb. 13th 11:30am -2pm. It will be held at the New Hilton Garden Inn located at 4328 Garden Vista Drive, Riverview Florida. The Hilton Garden Inn offers a great menu: BBQ Ribs, Chicken, garden salad, corn, baked beans,Your Choice Pasta, Potato or Cole slaw Salad. Apple Pie, Coffee and Iced Tea. Now originially wit was going to be at a different place, but since they were featured on that Dirty Dining and no one was going to go but a handful of people who just wanted a few meal dispite the nastyness. Here is what we got as our first email: The Consistency Luncheon will be held on February 13th 2009 from 11:30-2 pm at the wonderful FUEGO Restaurant in Brandon. Please spread the word with your employees who have earned the honor to join in on the food, fun and excitement. The menu will consist of soup or salad, choice of beef, chicken or seafood and two sides (white rice, yellow rice, black beans, sweet plantains, garlic mash potatoes and yucca). Your dessert choices will be flan or Spanish toast. Also, all employees can enjoy unlimited soft drinks.That is a better menu, but the risk was not worth it. I was one of the many that decided not to go. I could not chance it.

After work will be joining Linda and Kathy to head south. Tomorrow is Sarasota. I am not fully packed yet as I once again could not decide what I wanted to work on. I need to figure out my cruise item to make for the others. Right now all I am seeing are coding from work. And naturally speaking of...I better get back to it. Have a great day!

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