Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I found clothes

First off....interesting information..... If my grandfather was still alive he would have been 120 years old the other day. My nephew Andrew was born on what would have been his 100th birthday and he just turned 20. He was 46 when my mom was born, and would have been 79 when I was born. WOW HUH

So, off to all the stoes to return items. And 2 of them was having a bad day and asked when I said they did not fit "well didnt you try them on while you were here?". The poor second person that said that to me got my responce "no I thought I would be better off wasting my gas and stand in line for 20 mins to return them to you". Yes, that was very uncalled for, but the look she gave me when she asked it, just hit me the wrong way. And she was being rude to most all the others ahead of me too. PMS and starting to get sick thrown into the mix, the words just flew out of my mouth. The guy behind me laughed, and naturally that made her even more of a not so happy camper. After I said it, I did tell her, no I am sorry I had lots of stores to get to and I thought I better not try on clothes. Truth is most of what I returned to KMart did fit, I just did not need the items, so I returned them.

Since I was at the mall in Brandon, I thought I should check out JCPenny. Have not shopped there for myself in years. I found a whole bunch of everyday wear shirts for durning the day. Yes, I tried them on while I was at the store. I ended up getting 7 shirts. Now I have to check my capri's and see if they still fit. New shirts with old pants will work. Tomorrow I will be heading to Beall's again. I did not get a pair of black flats as I had a pair....or so I thought! Yesterday I wore said pair, and they felt funky when I walked. So, I took them off to look at them just to see that the small heal was almost off. That means I need a pair of flats now. I have a coupon for tomorrow, so I will hit up Beall's. If anyone can make a shopping experience an experience...that would be me.

Better get back to work. I have no energy! Starting of a head cold. I am drinking orange juice, and I did one airbourne so far. Feel somewhat better on that part. Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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:Jayne said...

Your experience is the reason I haven't gone shopping for cruise clothes yet. I'd have that experience! You may see me in rags. But we'll have a blast anyway!