Thursday, February 12, 2009

No more Doc for our house

I am a little upset that we have a new Post Man! We had a wonderful one that spoiled us, and even Oscar loved him. We would get our mail in the morning or by 1 at the latest. Now we are lucky to get our mail by 500 - 530pm. We did get a little post card thing in the mail saying that due to the times they were cutting back routes and re routing some of the mailmen, yes we were effected by this. Hated when he was just on Vacation, now we will not have him back? Yes, I know pathic how we will miss our mailman. But he knew us (and some of my friends lol)he knew if there was a package that we had to come to the gate for...he would bring it to the door. Oscar did not jump on him, just wanted to lick him to death. He knew not to throw the package in the year, he knew my mom could not make it outside very fast. He just knew and was just the greatest mailman. Whenever he is on vacation our neighbors will get our mail and we will get theirs....just a down right mess! I will give the new person the benifit of the doubt despite the 5 hour differance in mail. Most of the time it does not matter as I would not look at most of it for atleast 2 weeks - payday. It is just the thought.

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