Sunday, February 22, 2009


Still coughing, but at least I am able to stay out of the bathroom. I was fine taking the cough medicine, but seems that the antibiotic pills they gave me did not agree with me. I made it till 3pm at work on Friday. Went to my car and put the seat back, next thing I know it was 5pm. I took my time driving home, since I really should not have driven home. Made it inside, tried to lay down but had to run to the bathroom. Oscar knows when momma does not feel well, so he decided to lay on me to help make me feel better...kind of did not work. So, spent all of Friday in bed or in the bathroom. Saturday I went to Bealls and got 2 pairs of shoes. Made it home and was in bed the rest of the day again. Finally able to sit up today. I am doing a little bit of cleaning, slowly. Can not over do it as the next two days at work will be very busy for me. Finally the conclusion of the rate increase work I have been doing.

Will blog later, lots to get done very slowly

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Cheryl said...

We were at different Bealls. Did you get clearance shoes? That $1 deal was SWEET.