Sunday, February 22, 2009

Do not tell me no Walmart

So, I went to Walmart yesterday and bought a camera. Now, I knew I should have waited until today - but nope I bought it. Sure enough Office Depot had the actual camera that I wanted instead of the one I bought. It was $30.00 cheaper and 2 mega pixel more. I went to the ghetto Walmart instead of the New Tampa Walmart that I bought my camera at armed with the Office Depot ad in hand. The cashier tries to tell me they do not price match, I asked since when? She said "well we do, but not Office Depot". I told her I have price matched both from Office Depot and Staples before. She said "well I guess I can ask my manager". OK you do that! No, I did not say that, but yes I was sure thinking it. But I did tell her no problem, if it can not be done I will drive across the street and they will get my money. Guess what? Yep, they price match! So, I got the camera that I actually wanted, a 4gb memory card, and a 2 year warranty for $17.00 less than what I spent the day before. I really did not need the memory card, it has more memory and a SDHC one that I do not already have. But I also already have 3 memory cards that I can use for this camera. And this is the kind that will go right into my laptop or computer. It is a Canon Power shot SD790 IS Digital Elph. It is not exactly the one that I wanted but closer. I just realized it does not have the little eye slot like Janie's does. It just have the really big screen on the back to look at. But it does have the battery and charger that will last alot longer than my a eating other camera. And the main thing is it has the stabilizer, so when I shake, it will not. Most all my pictures are blurry as I shake when taking the picture. Man I have a lot of reading to do before 2 weeks is up, and then a month before my other trip.


:Jayne said...

Just don't take any pictures of me or it will break! LOL!

Kip said...

We have canon's at work and they are a good camera. They're pretty easy to use too.