Monday, February 23, 2009

Darn it is Monday again

Even after all the sleep I got on Friday and Saturday, it was so hard to get up this morning. My plan was to get into work at 600am again (today and tomorrow will be the final days of that), but I did not get out bed until 5:57am. So, 6am was not looking good. Did manage to make it by 645am, just to get here and the work I need to do is not ready. I have to look at customers bills to make sure the rate increase hit their bills. Today is the pretest, then tomorrow is the live once I give the pretest the all clear. It is also month end time, so I guess I can work on that until my pretest statements show up. Really wanted to work on the other before people got here and started bugging me "can you help me with this, can you answer me this". Just will have to set up my little Fort Lunn and put the Do Not Disturb up at my cubicle.

Did you watch the Oscars? I did watch up til Heath won. That was the main thing I was waiting for. I am so glad he won, and it was so very sad. When the parents were speaking and they were showing people in the crowd with tears in there eyes, yes I cried! Just after that I went to bed, as I knew I needed to get up this morning.+

Well, busy day ahead. Better get a move on or it will be a long one. Oh, is anyone else having issues logging into Yoville? I used to log in first thing in the morning but now it takes awile to get in there. LOl yes my addiction is getting the better of me

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Jenn(ifer) said...

I'm so glad its Monday here...i'm glad to be 'back to normal' or whatever that may be