Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh happy day

Well, as happy as I can be. Today is the las tday of rate increase work for me. The past two weeks has been getting the messages on the bills and then entering the changes to the billing codes to make those charges appear on the bills. They all become effective on this bill cycle since we send out bills a week in advance they do technicially start billing the 1st of March. Yesterday was the pretest to look at the bills to see if what I entered worked. Today is the live look at the bills, and once I and Division determines that it is correct I can give the all clear to release the bills to be mailed to the customers. Man has it been a very long two weeks! In early out late and then being sick on top of that, made it one heck of a time for me. The light at the end of the tunnel is finally getting bigger, and it is not a train. Maybe now some of my brain cells will come back to me. I think they were on overload and shutting down.

Read the email from Jill outloud yesterday, and my boss was smiling and said oh I am so sorry you may not get to go on your cruise. I said no, I may not come back lol. But then I told him when I am due back, Mike will start that following Monday so he will have a worker. He just gave me a look. He is too funny! There is just so much work to be done, Mike says he will help get it caught up, we will see. He actually might at first since he is happy to be coming back. But then once we get caught up, he will slack off like before. I will just be happy to get caught up! I hate being so far behind that I can not see any releif. Just one day at a time and I can not let it get to me. Now I am at the point of telling people, soon just chill lol. We used to have our reports the least in all of the rgions, now ours have the most to get caught up. Well, if you dont like that....help us out instead of adding more. Get training for the floor personell instead of dumping the "how do we do this" onto us. OOPS RANTING. I think all the pressure is coming to surface. Better stop before I have a bad day.

Oh, March 6th the day before the cruise... I got a email for this....You and your guest are cordially invited to our Annual Award of Excellence Luncheon! Your Manager and Director have been asked to attend to celebrate your accomplishment. The date is Friday, March 6, 2009 in Riverview. Bad thing is my guest lives in Georgia so she can not attend. So, on the Cruise I will have information in my hot little hands finally and hopefully.

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Jenn(ifer) said...

you know there are crazies out here & you really shouldn't post exact locations, times, and dates of places you'll be! You're nuts woman.

I know you're happy to finally get some info. You can bring a picture of me to attend the luncheon! lol I'll be there in spirit.