Friday, January 23, 2009

TGIF big time

For a short work week, this week has been busy. On the bright side (maybe) Scott did do some interviews for the open Billing position (my current one). He did only three, and has to choose one. Two of the guys I would have to FULLY train on every aspect of the job, the 3rd the one that left the department last year! Guess the grass is not greener on the other side. I actually hope he gets the jo, as I would not have to train him. But if he does, I am not moving back to my old desk. I am staying right here and he can move.

Tomorrow I have to make a run down to Sarasota. Cody is moving into his house with his room mates. No more staying at Laurels dorm room. He is actually moving in today, so tonight he will tell me what all he needs for me to bring. He will be coming up to Tampa next weekend, but I will happily be at Winter Retreat. So, mom will see him next week. I will bring some necessities tomorrow, and Laurel will bring back some next week. She only has a little car so she will not be able to bring many things back. The house is completely furnished including his room. He said they have a small TV in the room, he said he will probablly bring his since it is a little bigger. Slow steps to getting all of his stuff out. But do think I might have to do a storage unit to get all of it out. Do not really want to waste the money. SO I will see if I can figure something out to make it work.

On a sad note....was too many people are not fairing to well right now. All at once at the beginning of the year. Barb back in the hospital in ICU, Dawns mom needing Chemo again, and my sister Cheryl's SIL is not doing too good either. My heart just breaks for them! Keeping them in all of our thoughts.

Speaking of sad...did you watch Grey's last night? I caught a little of it and what little I caught of it I cried! Back to classic usual cry each episode Grey's? Darn it! It has been awhile since I cried at an episode. Man! Ok....running off of here to get busy for my fun filled day. Reports are running late today so it will be a long day and extreamly busy afternoon


Jenn(ifer) said...

I'll keep all those in my prayers.

Cheryl said...

I posted a Prayer Request on my blog today. Thanks for mentioning her.