Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another weekend bites the dust

So, it is Sunday night and that means back to the grind tomorrow. Hopefully Scott made the correct choice as to who will be joining the Billing team, or re-joining the Billing team. Do not really want to worry about it and make myself sick. I told him I would respect his choice, as long as it was the correct one lol.

Yesterday I had a really good day. Well, minus the morning run to work and the computer not wanting to let me do my job. After work I headed down to Bradenton to see Cody's new place. It was not that back of a drive. I drove down there, all around down there, and then back and still had a little over half a tank of gas. Only took about an hour to get there. Really nice little house he is living in. His room mates seem to be nice. Really great location for him since he does not drive. Right at the end of the street from where he lives is a shopping plaza that has a Target, Publix, TJMax, and a few other stores. Across the street from that is a CVS (you know me and CVS are friends). He showed me all over Bradenton, he showed me his school and Laurel's school. He already scooped out 2 Goodwill's! We went to one of them. I got him 3 pairs of pants and a shirt for 23.00 one pair of pants was Levi jeans in perfect shape, and the others were Dockers also in perfect shape. He showed me Lido beach that also had a really nice shopping area before it. Very nice place and area, kind of jealous! Oh, and he informed me that him and Laurel are officially a couple! He has been in love with her for 4 years, she cared deeply for him too but was forbidden to date him. Well, she was 14 when he was 17 so her parents did not like that too much. Well, at Christmas time she told her parents that he is her soulmate. On the 11th of January, she finally informed Cody that since she knows they are going to be together a very long time if not forever, they might as well officially date. He did not say no naturally. It was odd hearing him say "our one month anniversary". My mom knew but forgot to tell me. Her reason is because we both just feel like they are already a couple. I like her, she is really a nice girl. But she has to pass the Jennifer test, hum wonder when he will take her up there? She would have to get along with Jennifer and the boys! Cause they are a big part of his life, especially the boys. And yes he knows when her birthday is, good job!

Ok, gonna close for now. Write more tomorrow


Cheryl said...

WOW. Sounds like he's made a good move for him & his girlfriend.

Jenn(ifer) said...

I've known too, actually! LOL I just thought you've known too.

I'm so happy for him :) She is SO adorable.