Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So excited I missed Tuesdays blog

I was so excited and glued to the TV I totally forgot to post. Man am I glad that I have a TV on my desk. I watched the festivities all day long. I was in the break rook already at lunch when he started to be sworn in as the 44th President. Needless to say I was late coming back from lunch as I did not want to miss one second of his amazing speech. Man can that man speak, I can not stop saying that. I was disappointed that they had on Bay News 9 on the TV in the work area, since they had the volumne on I could not have on my CNN at my desk. So, I did not hear about Kennedy until I read it from Kip. Instantly went to and sure enough there it was. He looks great that morning, hell he even looked better than Daddy Bush - who should have been in a wheelchair instead of Dumbass Cheeny. I just love to hear him speak! And then all night I was keeping up with the festivities of the Gala's they were attending. He is just a all round smooth man! Speaker and dancer! Did you see the 9th grader that did "the bump" with him? If a 9th grader asked Bush to do the bump, he would have thought it was a drug - well no he still is not even that up on things to know that either! Just in yesterday alone you could see how night and day the two are on a personal level. Yes, Obama is younger....but still I bet when he is Bush's age he will still be just as hip. I am still just so consumed by the awe of yesterday. History in every bit of the word! Can not wait to see what is in store for us.

Gonna run....Hugs and thoughts for Barb. Hope she is out of ICU soon. Keep us posted Kip.