Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday night

Another wonderful time in Sarasota. Missed friends, saw friends, and made new friends. That is what it is all about, not the missing friends as you wish they were there. But making new friends is wonderful. The "crop food" was wonderful as it always is. Can I hire you Linda, you say simple and easy....we say YUMMY!. Cody stopped by to get a few things that I brought from home for him. Did not get to see him long as him and Laurel had a friend with them. They better leave them home next time. Some time is better than no time at all, so I can not complain. I was so very tired when I got home, but yet I still could not sleep. So, at 12:49am I was off to Walgreens. They had 2 items that with their sale and my coupons would equal free. Now how can you pass up free? I got 6 boxes of equal for free. They have it on sale 2 for $5.00. Well, I had 66 coupons from last weeks add for 2.50 off for one box. The cashier even thought it was cool that it was free, as there was no tax on it. They did not have the Oust deal, had to get that at the Wags over near Kip when I went and picked up my Christmas gift from my wonderful Secret pal Jill. They have Oust Buy one get one free. In last weeks paper they had a coupon Buy one get one free. That item is taxed so I only had to pay tax. I got 6 cans at her store for 80 cents, then I got two on Gandy on the way heading back to Tampa and that was 54cents. So for $1.34 I got 8 cans of Oust.

Decided not to start Alli today, since there are some side effects. Thought it would be wise to start it next week. I Have a three day weekend. I decided to watch the Golden Globes, and watch 24 later. I hate commercials so, I chose to watch Golden Globes. Heath Ledger won for his roll as The Joker. It was very much well deserved! If you by slim chance have not seen Dark should see it. It is a great movie. Do not see how they can top this one, there is at least one more in the making with Christian Bale at this time. No word yet as to who the villians will be, It has been rumored, but no set in stone.

Work tomorrow. It still has it challenges, but all is well. Baby steps is all that can be taken so I do not hurt anyone. Cody put Pink's Funhouse cd on my Zune, and I listen to it about 3 to 5 times a day. The statement "I wanna start a fight" stops me from hurting someone or saying something I will regret. Collections sits next to me and they are just so darn loud. And then there are three of them that will hold their conversations in Spanish. For just some reason I can not tone them out. And what really makes me mad is that their boss does not say anything to them. Sorry, I just think that is plain rude!

OK, going to close for now and go back out to the other computer and tv since mom went to bed. Take care and have a wonderful evening.


Jenn(ifer) said...

I want that CD so bad! I love "Glitter in the Air". Anyways, yeah Megan told me about the side affects of Alli - but apparently it can work for you. Did you check into curves?

:Jayne said...

Glad to hear Heath Ledger won for playing Joker. He was awesome in that movie!