Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thought I posted yesterday...

..but I guess I did not, as it was not even in the spot where I can edit posts. Yes, I was just that busy! I started to leave work, I shut down my computer at 4:25. Went to the bathroom, came back to my desk and had my purse on my should and keys in my hand. I was over ready to leave, NO SUCH LUCK! The Collections supervisor says " Michele can I ask you a real quick question?" Nothing with her is real quick to begin with, as she argues with my answers as she does not want to believe what I tell her. Why ask for my help then? Anyways.....27mins later and I am still at her desk. Alexis tries to pull me away by telling me I had a email from Division. And naturally it was an email I had been waiting on all day, so I had to read it. This turned into a project I had to do before I left work (could you have giving me more time to do this?) so I had to log back on my computer and do some work. And the really bad part about that email, now has me doing alot of work all this week. Right now I am on stand by until I receive another email from division. Better not be late in the day again. But since one of them aimed me and then called me. I really think that she will send the email soon.

Totally forgot to set my DVR to "record all first run shows" of 24. By the time I realized it, it was already 1 hour into it. Talk about being mad. I did not watch the last half as I was so mad, and will search to see if I can find the 1st half somewhere else. You know...I know what I would like to "take place between the hours of....". I love his smug cockiness already this season. Just talk to me Jack, you and that sexy voice of yours. There are some voices that just draw you in and capture you, and then there are others (Like Bush's) that just make you sick to your stomach!

Going to run, you all have a wonderful day. Headphones and Pink's Funhouse CD is about to be played for me to make it thru the day.


Cheryl said...

Does that mean you didn't see Sunday or Monday? ARG! Sorry about the never ending need at work. I would have taken my purse to the restroom & left from there. Probably why you are employee of the quarter, and I'm not!

Teri said...

24 will be online after Wednesday - you can see it there.