Saturday, January 10, 2009

Heading to Sarasota

Going down to Sarasota in a little bit, thought I would blog really quick.....This will be a very long day. Started to go to bed at 10, ended up being at 11. Then I was awaken at 2am and never fell back asleep. So, can we say tired? Kathy is in Texas visiting her family so she will not be there. Cody is down in Sarasota and bearly brought anything down there. SO, I have to bring him a few items. They are what he requested, so I am bringing them. Do I agree with it? That is not my place. Besides I want the whole room gone, so if I bring some now....that is some things that are one step closer of an empty room. No, not even close, but still. Wish he would hurry up and get a place, he is on couches right now. The one place fell thru.

Well, need to run as I have not even packed anything to work on. I am really not in the scrapping mood actually. I have been doing really good at the last few crops. I have made things. But this one...... We shall see.

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Kip said...

Sorry I missed it today Michele and can imagine how tired you are and will be by the time you get home tonight. Hey- you have a nice box for you over here though!!